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"Wait, what happened? Why are we naked?" Yutjaa questioned, her voice tinged with curiosity and a hint of concern. Gurdy scratched her head, her vibrant crimson mohawk catching the sunlight.

"Hmm, it's all a blur to me. I remember we were on that quest to retrieve the ancient artifact from the Temple of Serenity. But after that... it's like my memory's been wiped clean." Yutjaa nodded, her gaze distant as she tried to piece together the missing fragments.

"Right, the artifact... and then everything went hazy. I vaguely remember a magical explosion, but the details are fuzzy." Gurdy squinted up at the sky, using her nautical experience to gauge the passage of time.

"Judging by the position of the sun, it seems like several days have passed since our last recollection. That means there's a significant gap in our memory."

Yutjaa's anger flared up, her frustration mounting. "Damn that elf! Illya must have messed up another spell. It's always her, isn't it? Where is she now? Probably hiding somewhere, thinking she can just disappear and leave us in this mess."

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