Allegra and the Mean Girls 2022



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This is the prologue of my "Clothes Slasher" series The North Valley Tailor. It also features Gabi from Road Rage and Gabi's Boxing Lesson.

“There is no way I’m wearing that Lakyn.” Allegra said bashfully, she was able to hold both pieces of the bikini between two of her black-nailed fingers. “Where is the rest of it?”

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Allegra and the Mean Girls by CountryMouse (2022)

#enf #humiliation/embarassment #enforcednudity

“There is no way I’m wearing that Lakyn.” Allegra said bashfully, she was able to hold both pieces of the bikini between two of her black-nailed fingers. “Where is the rest of it?”

“It’s not that small,” The pretty blonde debated, Lakyn gaslighted her friends when she was trying to get them to do something. The bikini actually was quite skimpy. “it will look so cute on you! Did you see the little skulls?”

“This is for girls who have really great bodies, Lakyn. I don’t…”

“…Okay you Niki Taylor-looking mother fucker.”


“Okay, Ms. Teenage Dirtbag. She was like the hottest supermodel ever, if you let your hair go blonde you could be her daughter.” Lakyn added, “Put it on, I’m buying it for you.”

“Fine, I’ll just wear my shirt over it anyway.”

“We’ll see about that.” Lakyn conspired with herself.



Gabi and Riley were outside drinking boba tea out of huge cups and wielding a handful of newly purchased sunglasses, which they offered to their new friend.

Gabi was the tallest of the trio, though shorter than Allegra, with a head of platinum blonde hair. As with all the Dumb Blondes, she was a stunning babe with a body that would turn a greek statue’s head. Gabi wore a breezy front buttoned dress that hugged her 20-inch waist It flared a couple of inches beneath her hip so that her slender tanned legs could play in the fresh air.

She was, in a manner of speaking, the dumb one. The dumbest of the dumb blondes is what her girlfriends called her. She offset this flightiness by owning it and not taking herself too seriously. She often talked about having been a mean girl in high school and how she was trying to be more considerate.

Where Gabi was the bombshell, in polarity Riley was a lilliputian package of sexy muscle. She had been a successful power gymnast, one of those girls that do the uneven bars and balance beam, who had decided not to go pro in favor of college. . Her hammered steel abs strained against her tank top when she exhaled. The girl wore hip-hugger jeans that hugged her snuggly around the hips, they were badly slashed leaving gashes all over the front and back, the pant legs had been cut so short that the pockets were hanging below the surviving hem so that her slim muscular legs were naked. Riley had bought the shorts that way.

Riley was a bundle of energy who ran marathons and would still want to go dancing afterward. Riley was a fun date who was always up for anything but tended to fall asleep on the nearest person when things got boring. She took her personal health very seriously and more than once she had forbidden Allegra from eating twinkies, leading to heated arguments between them about veganism.

Then there was Allegra, tall and skinny, with a stud in her nose, another in her belly button, and several piercings in her ear, wearing a Black Parade T-shirt that she had stolen and tailored from her best friend back home. She hadn’t colored her hair since she left home last summer, so her jet black dye job was changing back to her natural blonde, but she still made the effort every morning to put on raccoon-eye mascara and black lipstick.

She was still trying to figure out this dynamic. Back home she was the girl from the poor side of town that liked metal bands and Batman. Michael Keaton, not Christian Bale. She’d never been befriended because someone thought she was hot and would fit in with their clique of girly girls. She’d never been friends with any girls at all.

She noticed The Dumb Blondes talking about her while she ran on the treadmill. The trio ambushed her while she was showering; while she was naked. They undressed in front of each other all the time and didn’t understand boundaries. They liked her physique and suggested she try out for the squad. What the fuck?

Allegra mumbled an uncomfortable thank you and hid in a bathroom stall naked till they left. Fate had it that Lakyn was in her English 120 class, and chatted with as if they’d known each other for years. Then they were having coffee, then she was at their place showing them “Friday the 13th” for the first time, and now they were all at the beach trying to get Allegra to wear a bikini.

Lakyn bounced out of the store carrying a ridiculous pair of high-heeled sandals. “Size 8 right Retro?”

“Everything is legs and high-heels with you girls.” Allegra criticized but accepted the sandals. Lakyn had been on the dance squad in high school and had done rhythmic gymnastics, one of those pretty girls who danced around with a huge ribbon and had the petite slender limbed look of a ballet dancer. She was wearing an oversized t-shirt cropped in half, which had the effect of making her waist appear even smaller, and tiny 4-inch volleyball shorts that only covered her tight buns.

Allegra liked Lakyn the most, she was the Mama Bear of these girls. Always ready with a pep talk, and only cried when her friends cried. Surprisingly, once she got past all the hair products and beauty techniques her new pals were really sweet girls who actually seemed to like her. The Blondes had brought a change in her life as well, she found herself interested when Lakyn talked about fashion, and felt good after she joined Gabi in her morning skincare routine. Weeks of Riley dragging her to the gym were yielding results, Allegra had slimmed out a little and felt more confident

Lakyn took Gabi aside covering her ear with her hand. Gabi giggled uncontrollably “That tickles!”

Lakyn sighed with frustration and whispered to Riley instead. Whatever was said made the little powerhouse laugh, “That’s awesome!”

“Not everyone is built like Niki Taylor Retro.” said Gabi between sips “Besides, they make my hobbit legs look super long.”

“That sentence brings up so many questions. You know what a hobbit is? Oh, I bet a guy showed you the movies.”

“Shut up! I read the books,” said Gabi “I’m smart, and Viggo Mortenson is a total Cavill.”

“He’s fat and old now.”

“I’d still hit it.”

The four girls kept talking as they walked down to the beach. It was nearly 100 degrees in Los Angeles and the beach knocked that down by about 10. People were out under the hot sun in multitude, but Allie and the girls seemed to have a straight path to their spot near the water.

She noted how confident the girls, who were all 5 foot nothing and without a dark strand of hair among them, were as they parted the sea of people. That’s what she and Jarod called “hotness privilege”. There was no place on earth that three good-looking blondes couldn’t get into.

The Dumb Blondes found a clear spot between a football game and a volleyball game. Each populated by boys their age, some cute enough to talk to them. Lakyn sorted the drinks out while Gabi and Riley laid out two huge blankets. Then the three of them stood in a row and waited.

Allie was confused, “What are you doing?”

Lakyn winked mischievously. “Giving them time to get their phones out. Who is going first?”



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“I’ll go.” offered Riley. The girl took a few steps and then struck an awkward pose that models do on Instagram that is actually very uncomfortable. She let her hair down and flipped it a few times. Then she started gazing down at her own navel as though it held the secrets of the universe.

“Uh… are you insane Riley?” asked a bewildered Allegra. 

“Sh!” Riley giggled looking at Allegra briefly. Then she became thoughtful and mysterious again turning her attention back to her belly button. She played with it and whittled her delicate manicured fingers at the smooth heights and valleys of her finely honed bronze diaphragm.

Very slowly the copper-toned, gilded blonde brought her hands down to the small button fly at the front of her minuscule Levi shorts. One by one she unfastened each metal stud pulling the lips apart so that a bit of the yellow cloth of her bikini bottoms could be seen. She hooked her thumbs into the waistline writhing her hips back and forth as she shimmied the denim down her hips. 

“Woo! Sexy bitch!” Cheered Lakyn.

Riley held the bottom hem of her tank top and slowly lifted it to her bustline. There she lingered, sucking in her belly so that her delicious rock-hard abs could be admired.

“I wanna eat off of those!” Gabi laughed.

Then Riley went back to her shorts, purposefully turning around to show off her ass as she slowly slid the shorts down her polished, athletic legs. 

Lakyn and Gabi both mimed like they were spanking Riley.”Booty, booty pop!”

The girl stood upright and finished drawing her tight-fitting top over her head, making sure that her hair cascaded in an attractive manner.

Allegra saw that both the beach football and volleyball games being played on either side of them had called time out. The guys playing were pretending to discuss something but were really just checking the girls out. She self-consciously tugged her shirt down below her hips. 

 “And… scene!” Riley did a gymnast dismount throwing her arms out, palms up. She broke into laughter as her friends clapped then went to get a drink from the cooler. Riley switched on her beach playlist and started playfully grinding up against Allegra, who laughed and did her best to get into it. 

“That was hot! My turn.” Lakyn volunteered. 

The petite blonde kicked off her sandals and sat on her knees, hips thrust forward as though she was straddling a chair. She crossed her arms in front of her and leisurely pulled her loose crop top up over her small breasts and over her head making sure her soft curved-in belly got a good stretch.

“Look at them tasty abs!” Riley catcalled.

She crept her blue lycra running shorts down to her knees, then sat on her butt and slid them the rest of the way down her skinny legs. 

Lakyn whipped her hair around as she stood up, cocking one hip sideways, and placing a hand on each hip. She was another hardbody with nice toned arms and long dancer’s legs. Her bikini was white with blue flowers, and if one looked hard enough they could see…

…that she was wearing one. Lakyn smiled as her friends cheered her on then pranced over to the cooler. 

Gabi went next.

She was wearing a short front buttoned dress with snaps. She looked sideways and smiled coyly. At nobody. She took off her belt, brought her hands up to her bustline then simply ripped the short dress open like she was Superman.

The dress popped open to exhibit the girl’s awe-inspiring hourglass figure underneath. Gabi stubbornly wore the same size bra as Riley even though the stretchy swimsuit material struggled to rein in her bountiful double D’s. Gabi was a little softer than the other girls but her curves were incontestable. 

Gabi let the dress slide down her arms and drop at her feet, standing in all her slender Rubenesque glory. She kept the pose long enough for the guys to get a good mental picture, and even some real pictures. The boys had given up all pretense of playing beach sports and had moved up closer to all trying to get a good look at this divine creature.

Even Allegra found herself saying, “Damn!”

Somewhere on the nearby street, they could hear a car slamming on its breaks followed by a crash.  

The girls looked at Allegra expectantly. 




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“Are you fucking kidding me?” said the pasty, rail-thin girl. “There is no way I am taking this shirt off around you sex queens!”

“Don’t be like that Alley, you’re gorgeous,” said Gabi sincerely.

Allegra shot back. “Whatever Gabi! You look like a freaking porn star!”

“Aw, thanks Retro!”

“You’re a major babe Allegra, if I wasn’t seeing Steve I would totally make out with you.” Riley chimed in, “ Wait, would you be into that?”

“Don’t pressure her, it’s okay.” said Lakyn sounding disappointed, “I bought that for you, but I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable. This is a safe space.”

“What’s going on?” Allegra understood the words but didn’t believe them. “You guys are acting weird. ” Lakyn was darting her eyes around giving Gabi and Riley silent commands. She then noticed the girls had maneuvered behind her as though to block her path. 

Allegra knew she had been set up and tried to run but Gabi and Riley caught her giggling maniacally. They attacked her shirt trying to wrestle it off of her but Allegra used her long limbs to fend off their grabby hands. Then something seized her legs and pulled them out from under her. Allegra landed in the sand on her back and Lakyn was on top of her trying to hold down her elbows. “Take off the shirt Retro!”

Fortunately, the girl wasn’t heavy enough to hold Allegra down and she easily pushed her away, but when she got on all fours she was suddenly dealing with Riley. The squat powerhouse tried to hug her while she was in the down position, but Allegra wriggled out before she could lock her grip in and shimmied away.  “Hey!”

Then Gabi was all over her and Allegra was in a world of giggles, boobs, and suntan oil. The girls rolled around in the sand, something men would probably pay good money to do with Gabi, trying to gain dominance. They were equally inept at fighting, Allegra couldn’t get an advantage until she accidentally cuffed the bombshell on her right breast.

“Ow! That was my boob, Alley!” The curvy blonde released her grip to massage her chest. 

“I’m so sorry Gabs..!” Allegra apologized. She was lost in the splendid valley between Gabi’s breasts. “... and I’m really sorry about this.”

“Eek! My top!” Allegra yanked the buxom blonde's bikini top away and threw it as far as she could. That would keep Gabi out of the fight for a little while. 

Before the skinny Goth-chick ran off she did a double-take. “Whoah, Gabi those are nice!”

The Bombshell blushed a little. “Thanks! Good luck!”

She had not made two steps when she saw Riley in a 3-point football stance. The little firecracker yelled “Spear!” and tackled Allegra around the waist. Slamming hard into her belly. 

“Hooph!” She went down silent and wide-eyed, her diaphragm stalled, unable to suck in air. 120-pound Riley didn’t help by landing with her knee in the pit of her flat stomach. “Oh, sweetie! Are you okay?”

“Get off!” Allegra wheezed. When Riley shifted to sit hip to hip Allegra reflexively brought her leg up, nailing the small girl between her legs. 

“Why?” Riley grunted. Her eyes fluttered and she flopped down on top of her friend. The girls lay there moaning until Lakyn appeared and rolled Riley off of her. Allegra did her best to fend her off but Lakyn started tickling. 

Gabi and Riley sat on her arms pinning her to the sand, she kept kicking her bare legs but it did not bother Lakyn, who did the double gun pose with her biceps. “Are you done?” Alley gave her a dirty look and shook her head. “You know there’s a lot I could do to you now Retro.”

“I could tickle you.” she ran her little fingers up and down Allegra’s core giving rise to uncontrollable giggling. “We could make out…”

The captive said nothing but her eyes grew larger. She unconsciously thrust her pelvis against Lakyn. The dominant blonde raised an eyebrow, “Interesting reaction, that wasn’t a no.” 

Lakyn brushed a strand of hair out of Ally’s face, leaning in “You know Riley has a big crush on you. I don’t know if you like flat-chested girls though.” 

“Lakyn! What the fuck?”

Ally closed her eyes as Lakyn hovered close, ready to accept whatever punishment she had in mind. She could smell the girl's suntan lotion and bubblegum, mixed with some pheromone. She smelled amazing, and Allegra opened her mouth a little in expectation.

Instead, she felt a cool breath in her ear that made her toes curl. “I do too.” She kisses her cheek and sat back up ”We can talk about it later.”

“I could…” Lakyn continued her villain monologue, she made a fist and lined it up with Allegra’s belly button “…punch you in the gut!” 

“No! Oooh!” Alley whimpered she wound up her legs defensively as Lakyn pretended to punch her. Instead, let out a dorky laugh and patted her tummy gently. “No. I’m nice.” 

She reached off to the side and came back with fabric sheers. “Are you going to take off the shirt?” 

“You wouldn’t.” Allegra dared, suppressing a laugh. 

“I would,” she said without a hint of nonsense, she tested the scissors. “that pallid skin of yours needs some sun,” Lakyn said coldly as she cut one shoulder of Allegra’s sleeveless Black Parade T-shirt, then the other. She set the scissors aside “Are you going to take it off so we can see those awesome boobs?”

“You know she’ll do it,” said Riley.

“I still haven’t found my bikini top.” Gabi moped. 

Allegra set her jaw proudly and said nothing. “Have it your way Retro. I’ll have to buy you a new one.” She stood over the pinned girl holding the neckline of the Black Parade shirt and savagely tore upwards. The seams burst, ripping the vintage tee was wrenched clear of her body.

“Ha, ha! You bitch!” laughed Riley

“Ahhh!” Allegra wailed as the first best and only defense against prying eyes was forcefully removed. She was one of those tall girls with a straight, stretched-out figure, long arms and legs, a nice belly, and sublime breasts. Her smooth white skin was paler than most people living in the sunny southwest, but it was already tanning nicely.

“It had to be done. Allegra.” Lakyn stated pragmatically. She handed Ally bottled water. “You have to be more confident, and know that you’re a babe of consequence if you’re going to be our new best friend.”

"Whoa, that was hot." She heard a guy say.

“Let’s go talk to them, I got dibs on the tall one. ” said another.

Once the girls set her free she bent down and wrapped her arms around her knees to cover herself up. She picked up the scraps of her shirt sadly. “I liked that shirt.” 




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“You know those aren’t toys…” Allegra had never felt so cheeky in her young life. The bikini Lakyn bought her was a suit in name only. 45$ for 3 eye patches sewn together with floss. She did like the cute little skulls wearing pirate hats on it though.

Riley pulled out a tube of sunblock, insisting Allegra apply it to her skin. This led to another round of tickle wrestling that ended with the pint-sized gymnast sitting reverse cowgirl on her back rubbing lotion all over her. Her feelings were divided on how willing and eager these girls were to grope her, but she also surprised herself at how quickly she surrendered.

“Wouldn’t want to burn these sweet buns, Sweet Buns.” Said Riley giving each buttock a spank. She climbed off of Ally and used the residual salve on her own legs.

“Why did you only bring water?” Allegra asked, searching through the drink cooler, “there’s nothing to eat either?“

Gabi, who was holding a tanning mirror on her chest, chimed in “Oh we don’t bring anything but water.”

“The Lord giveth,” added Lakyn, “Heads up Retro…”

At her friend’s warning, Allegra looked up. In the summer sky, there was a white volleyball with a curly blue stripe, getting larger and larger till it filled her vision. She raised her hands up to shield herself but the ball missed her face and spiked her in the stomach instead.

“Woof!” For the second time that day Allegra had the wind knocked out of her. The volleyball bounced off her narrow unsuspecting abdomen with a thump. The lanky girl folded around the ball, she lifted a leg and hunched over before dropping to the ground to double up over her knees.

“New girl always gets the ball chucked at her.” Stated Gabi as though it were an ordinary thing.

“Sorry about that, could we get our ball back?” A good-looking, suitably muscular, young man about their age jogged up to them. He winced as he saw the cute Goth chick rolled up agonizing on the towel. “Oh whoops, is Morticia okay?”

“Fuck you, Gomez!” Allegra moaned curling into a ball.

“You’d better get her a beer if you are going to have any chance of getting her number,” Said Lakyn, standing close “Do you have beer?”

A big stupid grin grew on the kid’s face as his eyes traveled up and down Lakyn’s ballet dancer figure. “Yeah I’ll go get her a beer”

“Four beers!” Lakyn called after him, ”and some snacks.”

Allegra chuckled as the guy ran off. “Is he seriously going to give us beer so we’ll hang out with him?”

“Oh honey, hot girls never pay for drinks, don’t you know that?” She was not certain if Riley was being condescending. “Like 99 percent of the things men do is to get women to talk to them.”

“Do you think Bartholdi and Eiffel would have designed Lady Liberty if they weren’t trying to impress their wives?” said Gabi.

“They were paid a lot of money,” Allegra set out.

“Right.” Gabi affirmed, “They were paid a lot of money so that they could impress their wives.”

That gave Allegra pause. She thought of all those years she hung out with Jarod at his mom’s house. They shared interests in music and philosophy long before she began to find him attractive. Girls liked his humor and even though he was fat, he was tall and strong.

Allegra scared those girls away, not wanting to see Jarod cuckolded. She also suspected he might be gay. All those years Ally was right there and he never made a move on her, treating her like a sister. Unless… “Gabi, what are you going to school for?”

The curvy blonde smiled, “Cosmology! Why?”

“I think you just changed my life… ow!”

Before she could express her revelation a football sailed in her direction and hit Ally in the head. “You motherfuckers!”

“Calm down Retro,” said Riley grabbing Allegra’s hand and towing her after “They want to show off their football skills…”

“But I don’t like football.”

“…and maybe tackle you a few times.”




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Little Riley was popular with the footballers. She was fit, played well, and had no reservations about roughhousing with the boys. The guys had no issue with that at all. All that hard muscle made Riley surprisingly heavy for a girl that barely scratched 1 and a half meters. She just laughed when she was given the ball and they carried her into the end zone. Even the other team started doing it.

After each goal, the game would stop while Riley walked the enthusiastic boys through some of the most basic cheerleading stunts. The L-Stand, the Pony Mount, the Swedish Falls. They convinced Allegra to let them throw her around as well.

Allegra was having fun but had trouble keeping up with the boys who had 50 to 100 lbs on her. At first, she didn’t understand why they kept giving Allegra the ball, she was the worst player on the team. Then she reasoned that if she had it, they had reason to tackle her. She had received a lot of “accidental” elbows and knees to the belly and finally decided the game was too rough for her when one guy, Mike, handed off the ball to her by stuffing it hard up into her gut. She went down with a moan and didn’t go back in.

Mike apologized, and the boys backed off with the rough stuff once Riley had a firm chat with them, but Allegra was done. The Blondes explained to her later that some guys were turned on by the faces and “oofs” girls made when they took one in the belly. Men are weird.

They coaxed Lakyn and Gabi over to do a 3 girl cheer routine. Then Lakyn stayed for a few plays but Gabi was more interested in sunbathing, which nobody complained about either.

Around 8 o’clock the sunset and the Dumb Blondes were invited to join the footballers around their fire. Riley was hanging out with the guy, Branson, who was working Base for her when she was stunting earlier. He had a guitar with which he had greater enthusiasm than skill, but Riley also thought that she could sing. They were both wrong but they were cute together.

Gabi had 3 guys hovering around her, but she was more interested in encouraging Riley. Allegra was happy to sit by herself by the fire and make s’mores. She was going back home in a few weeks and had some things to consider, what was she going to do when she saw Jarod again? Would he even recognize this version of her?

Lakyn had been talking to a guy throughout the day but she suddenly appeared alone and plopped down into Allegra’s lap. “Hey, Retro.”

“Hey. What happened to… what’s his name?”

“Dan,” she said, disappointed. “Republican.”

“Oh yikes.”

“It’s alright, I really just want to hang out with you anyway, if that’s okay.”

Allegra tussled her friend's hair. “Of course! Maybe I could run something past you?” Lakyn adjusted her position so she could look at Allegra comfortably. “When I go back home, I’m going to see my best friend.”

“That guy you friend-zoned?” she confirmed.

“Yeah. Jarod,” Allegra did not think of it that way until Lakyn said it, but she was right. “he’s a good guy, and I think he’s been in love with me for a long time.”

“There’s something wrong with him if he doesn’t. I’ve only known you for a month and I’m in love with you.” Lakyn said with a wink. They both knew she was only half-joking. 

“I honestly didn’t realize it until I was living here. I don’t know what I’m going to do when I see him again.”

“You don’t owe him anything, what matters is how you feel.” the petite blonde played with her hair while Allegra thought about it. 

“In a way, he was my boyfriend all through high school.” Allegra said, ”We just never did anything. If we never do, I think I will regret it.”

“You’re not coming back?” Lakyn said sadly.

It was weird hearing it said in her voice, but Allegra said “Of course I am! You’re my girls!” Lakyn lighted at that “I’m just going to rock his world, a few times.”


“But then there’s… mmm!” Allegra was embarrassed to finish her thought.

Lakyn gently pulled Allegra’s lips down to hers. At first, it was just a soft brush, but the taste of suntan lotion, bubble gum, and brine filled her senses compelling Allegra to explore deeper. She locked her hand behind Lakyn’s head and aggressively plunged her tongue into the girl’s mouth. The diminutive blonde eagerly matched Allegra’s rhythm pulling her in vigorously. 

Allegra was giddy and lightheaded when they broke the kiss, overwhelmed with arousal. Lakyn smiled up at her flushed pink. “Your turn Gabi.”

Allegra was surprised to see that the voluptuous blonde had moved and was sitting next to them cross-legged. Gabi put a finger, painted pink with a glitter flower, on Allegra’s freshly christened lips. 

“Shh… Just go with it.” Gabi was warm, soft, and tasted like strawberries. Just as Allegra would imagine. Gabi giggled as though the kiss tickled her, it was contagious and soon they were both laughing with released sexual tension. “Riley?”

“It’s about damn time!” Riley said impatiently. “I’ve been waiting all day.” She was sitting on the other side so that the girls formed a triangle around Allegra. The pint-sized sparkplug put her fingers behind Allegra’s ears and boldly pulled the girl's mouth against hers. “I wanted to be first.”

The kiss was hungry and uneven as Riley took what she wanted, with no regard for Allegra’s well-being, letting out weeks of attraction and sexual frustration on Allegra. Seeking to devour her. Allegra wasn’t strong enough to push her away, not that she wanted to. When Riley was done with her Allegra breathed hard, swooning with desire.

Riley grinned, “Could I have my bra back babe?” 

In their heated exchange, Allegra had unwittingly pulled the strings on Riley’s top and now held them in her hand. The tall blonde smiled definitely “No. Come get them yourself.”

“You've never had sex, ” Lakyn concluded. “You’re worried you won’t know what you’re doing when the time comes.” She helped Allegra to her feet and kept hold of her hand. “There’s a private spot down the beach. Do you want to go?”

Allegra nodded and let the 3 girls guide her down the beach.