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Multiple flash fiction stories. All under 5 minutes read time. Always open to suggestions, what sports would you like to see Gabi fail at?

“Wow!” admired Nick looking Gabi up and down. “You weren’t kidding about that body, is that all real baby?”

“100% natural.”Gabi smiled proudly and let the man twirl her around, she loved a nice compliment. 

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This is a sequel to Gabi's Boxing Lesson as well as Road Rage.


“Jen O M G!” exclaimed the blonde actress. “I didn’t know you would be here.”

“Gabi! I’m the stunt coordinator,” said the tall, gorgeous, fit woman “Actually, the actress they cast dropped out, and they wanted a real cutie so I recommended you.”

“Get out!” Gabi gave her an Elaine Bennett shove, “You got me this job? That’s so nice!”

“I had an ulterior motive pretty girl.” Jen had a conspiratorial smile.

Gabi was suddenly overcome with guilt, “O M G! I never called you did I? I’m so sorry Jen.”

The truth was that even though Jen was gorgeous, and Gabi had certainly experimented with women, Gabi had already been with the perfect woman. That was over, for now, and she was looking for the man of her dreams. “Yes coffee, it’s a um… date.”

Jen put a hand on the small of Gabi’s back, friendly, not grindy like a guy would do, and led her across the sound stage to the make-up chair. She greeted a middle-aged man trying to pass for 29. The man knew his fashion though and looked clean and colorful. “Hey Nick, this is Gabi.”

“Wow!” admired Nick looking Gabi up and down. “You weren’t kidding about that body, is that all real baby?”

“100% natural.”Gabi smiled proudly and let the man twirl her around, she loved a nice compliment. 

“Oh, and your face makeup is on point.” Nick continued, “I’m not sure I can do anything to make it better.”

Gabi was a little disappointed, being in the makeup chair was her favorite part of a shoot “Oh, should I just go to wardrobe then?”

“Stand still dear,” Nick said dabbing a brush into a palette of rouge.



“You will be portraying the Plain Jane average All-American girl,” said Director Ed holding his fingers up to frame Gabi. “With amazing boobs.”

“Is that a character trait?” Gabi said confused. She had a cute red and yellow cheerleader outfit on, with a super short skirt and a crop top that showed off her tight, recessed 4-pack belly. Several of the women grumbled their jealousy when Gabi came out of wardrobe dressed like that. a fit 20 something blonde with a killer waistline bouncing around was just what a bunch of 40-year-old single mothers needed to boost their egos.

Gabi was right at home in the costume, she looked great in anything that showed off her legs. she had actually been a high-level cheerleader up until a few years ago. 2-time state singles champion. Those outfits showed even more skin than this one did. To give her a more athletic edge she wore black pads on her elbows and knees with high socks and clean new shoes. The shoes were what they were trying to sell. 

“Don’t worry about it Sweetie, you don’t have any lines,” Ed said, shaking his head disapprovingly.

“I suppose you’ll want to meet your co-star before we start filming?” asked the director.

“Co-star? Yes of course! I’m so happy to be working with them.”

Gabi was about 162cm but the fit woman he introduced towered over her. She wore a ridiculous bastardization of a football uniform, a helmet, and shoulder pads over a black and blue unitard.  “This is LFL legend, Autumn Monet!”

“You played football? I was a cheerleader!” said Gabi innocently. “I didn’t know they had a women’s league back then.”

“Back then?” Monet looked at the director suspiciously, this girl had no idea who she was, “How old do you think I am?”

“Um… 40?” Gabi tried.

Monet was 31.

An assistant whispered in the Director's ear. “Alright, we’re all set up.”  He said to the future Hall of Famer, Autumn Monet “You know what to do.”

Gabi was confused. “Actually no I don’t, I never got a script.” 

“Well just follow your instincts you’ll be fine.” said the director.

As they waited to call action Gabi tried to encourage her co-star. “Don’t be nervous, I know it’s been a long time since you played…“

“I retired 3 months ago..” Monet interjected.

“...don’t feel bad if you have to hold back, just don’t injure yourself...”

“Sure blondie, I’ll try not to get hurt.” Monet shook her head incredulous. “Where do they find these bimbos?”

The director “And, action! Says the line and… “

The director waved his hands in the air and pointed at Gabi, implying she should do the same.

Gabi’s years of training kicked in and she put on a big adorable toothy white smile, went down into the splits, which hurt a little, then jumped up and did a high kick “Yay!”

The director said, “Okay hit her!”

Gabi paused kid jumping jack “Hit who?” 

“Eek!” Monet dropped into a 3 point stance and charged. She planted the 3.35mm thick polycarbonate shell of her helmet in the center of the blonde’s stomach. “Oof!”

The former Offensive Tackle grabbed the cheerleader under the knees, lifting her firm butt into the air, running full tilt. Gabi was open-mouthed as her firm abdominal wall was breached without warning. The Aluminum siding wall of the studio rattled loudly as Monet crashed into it headlong, with poor Gabi leading the way.

Upon impact Gabi’s bright blue-grey eyes bulged, what air she had from the initial hit was roughly driven out of her pinched little tummy. With her spine pressing into the unforgiving barrier the girl's body ate the brute collision with a thump. “Ooh!”

Autumn Monet kept up her momentum ramming her tackle dummy into the wall for the count of 5. Gabi weakly tried to push the powerful woman off of her. “Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!”

When the retired professional football tackle at last let up, Gabi flopped forward onto the safety map. She rolled onto her back and folded her legs up, arms on the mat, retching for breath.

“Yes!” Monet yelled in celebration. She was pumped, grabbing the football and spiking it into Gabi’s bare belly like it was the end zone.

“No, no, no, Ooh!” Gabi took the ball right in the gut, her limbs twitching once. The pigskin rebounded high into the air for several seconds.

“Alright great!” Said the director, “set it up again, Let’s do it 3 times!”

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2 Futbol

“Don’t get me wrong! Women’s soccer is great, and they absolutely deserve better pay,” Gabi advised the younger actress.

 They were both wearing soccer uniforms with 4-inch black stretchy shorts, and tight soccer jerseys, Gabi was blue and white, the other girl was red, and shin guards. 

The Jayne Mansfield blonde continued. “But the guys sell tickets and fill the seats. People want to see the sport played at the highest level and the girls just don’t offer that.”

“What the fuck do you know about it you stupid b..!” The other girl, who was actually Gia Gammon, a famous Futbol player who, at 19 years old, had just become the youngest world champion in league history, was enraged by Gabi’s comment and took an aggressive step toward the blonde with her finger pointed at the girl's impressive chest. 

At that moment Director Ed came to her rescue by stepping between them in the guise of needing to talk to Gabi.

“Barbie!” No, that is what they called her in the green room. He tried again “Er… I mean, Blondie?” Director Ed didn’t know the blonde extra’s actual name, but her bright blue eyes responded positively. For a moment those eyes did to Director Ed what they did to all men with a still-beating heart. If only he were 20 years younger and still had some hair. 

“So this time you’re going to be the goalie,” he said, deciding they were going to have to do a beach scene with what’s-her-name soon. “Gia here is going to kick the ball into the goal, and you’re going to dive sideways to block the ball.”

“Wait,” said Gabi. “Do I have to actually block it? I don’t play soccer.”


“No!” said Director Ed impatiently, they are supposed to screen these girls, “You just have to make the dive, Gia is going to score, so it won’t hit you.”

Gabi remembered the incident with the football from before lunch. “She’s going to hit me?”

“No, er…” What was her name? “No, she’s going to make a goal, so the idea is to get the ball around you. Gia’s a pro, don’t worry about it.”

The pretty blonde considered things for a moment, she was being paid 500$ to wear cute outfits. She was sure that the LFL player didn’t mean to clobber her so roughly. She was just caught up in the moment, Gabi understood that.

Gabi nodded consent flashing a charming smile. “Okay! Let’s do it.”

Jen, the stunt coordinator who had helped Gabi get this gig, showed Gabi the crash mat and walked her through the stunt. Gabi tried the side dive once, it was fun! Jen advised  “Make sure you have your arms and legs out like this. It looks better on camera.”

Jen told Director Ed that Gabi was ready to go. Gia Gammon’s assistant was going to serve her the ball, then the Footballer would do a flashy airborne kick as Gabi did her dive. It was going to look really cool once it was all put together.

“Action!” shouted Director Ed. Then quietly to Gia Gammon. “Okay let her have it.”

Gia’s assistant tossed the white, red striped ball into the air as Gia began her approach facing away from the goal. She leaped into the air throwing her shoulders back into a half backward somersault.

She brought up her right foot to catch the ball, expertly changing the course of the 15 oz sphere so that it spiraled at 117 feet per second towards the net to hit Gabi. 

With an impact force of 10 pounds.

In the belly button.

When Director Ed watched the daily’s later that night, he left instructions to the editor to slow the footage down. He wanted to make sure the viewer would be able to see the moment when Gabi’s world changed.

As she flew through the air, arms and legs splayed Gabi was in a good mood. Even at reduced speeds, the white and red ball was merely a flash on the screen, just a few captured frames. 

Fortunately, they did get the moment of impact. The ball dropped into the girl's firm abs like Shoemaker-Levy 9 when it hit Jupiter. There was a shockwave of taut skin, and then a sudden collapse as Gabi’s diaphragm went into shock.

Her broad smile turned to confusion turned to wide-eyed surprise.

In real-time the ball bounced off of her abdominis muscle at a down angle, ricocheting on the astroturf to sail off into the rafters high above them.

“Uh!” Gabi made a brief, high, hiccup sound and flopped belly down on the crash mat, with her shapely calves popped up. She was silent for a few beats as the pain in her slowly came to a boil. Then she turned onto her back and emitted a deep anguished moan. 

Jen was at her side first. “Oh, baby are you okay?”

Gabi said nothing but nodded her head. She had had worse, Jen had given her worse. Gabi pumped her legs instinctively trying to relax her breathing mechanisms. 

“Can you stand up?” Jen asked.

Gabi shook her head. Nope, that wasn’t happening for a while.

“Alright!” Director Ed “We only have Gia for one day, thank you so much, Gia, let’s set up for the next one.”

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3 Futbol Again

“In this scene, you are going to try to steal the ball away from Gia,” Director Ed instructed “but she’s going to get past you. Jen will show you what to do.”

Gabi nodded understanding and was excited to talk with Jen again. She was still wearing her tiny 4-inch shorts that showed off her Latina thighs and butt. They had her put her hair in an updo and changed her into a green jersey to appear to be on a different team.

“Okay babe,” said Jen as she walked up, “so when you’re on defense you want to position yourself between Gia and the goal.”

Gabi bounced over to where Jen indicated with her gesture. “Right here?”

“Great!” Said Jen “But let’s switch places so you’re going to be Gia.”

Jen showed her some footwork that would help her look like a footballer shuffling agilely to the right and left. “The key is that you want to stay about two arm lengths away.”

Gabi and Jen extended their arms and touched fingers to measure the distance. “This is close, but gives you some reaction time if she tries to pass or break for it.”

“Oh, that makes sense.” Said the cute valley girl with a grin. “Why is soccer called football in Britain?”

“Um.” Jen bit her lip trying to think of an explanation in under 25 words. “Maybe we could talk about that over drinks later?”

Gabi was sure she wasn’t going to keep any food down tonight, but drinks with a beautiful Amazon woman might be nice.

“Action!” Shouted Director Ed.

Jen jogged off with some last-minute advice  “Okay, keep loose Gabi. Maybe tense up your abs this time?.”

Abs tense? “Why?”

“Ach!” Gabi yelped as Gia Gammon, world champion soccer player approached her. She kept eye contact as she stalked the curvy blonde like a Great White. Gabi stood on the balls of her feet, squatting down, ready to dash right or left. There was no way Gabi would block a professional player like Gia but she was trying her hardest.

At 10 feet out Gia let out an odd chuckle. Something was up and the soccer star couldn’t keep a straight face. She let the ball roll ahead of her, then poured on the speed giving the ball a solid punt.

There was a burst of sound as Gia cannoned the ball, reaching 60 miles per hour before meeting a dead stop against the firm wall of muscle that was Gabi’s belly. Again the ball rocketed into the rafters of the sound stage. 

“Oh!” Gabi gasped as the soccer ball, which had the weight of an unopened soda can, collided with her 4-pack tummy. She stayed on her feet but was locked in place, mouth pouting and blue eyes fluttering as her breath whistled out of her body.

“Good.” Called Director Ed, “she’s fine, keep rolling.”

“No!” Gabi wheezed Gabi as Gia closed the distance between them like a shark on her final approach. She got into Gabi’s breathing space using the blonde girl's shoulders to vault higher as she raised her right knee up into the blonde’s gut. 

In addition to being a pro footballer at the age of 19, Gia Gammon was also a level 5 Muy Thai Warrior.

“Hurg!” Gabi choked, she had no breath to make a human noise. She embraced Gia Gammon as though they were long-time friends having a hug.

Gia burdened Gabi’s 120 lbs for a little while longer. “Ed, that didn’t feel right, could I do it again?”

Ed gave her the “keep going” signal. Gabi shook her head with a grunting protest. She was able to take a shallow, savory breath when Gia withdrew her knee from her gut. Only to power her other leg, harder and higher, up under the girl's sternum..

“H-oof!” Gabi’s eyebrows knitted in the middle, her eyes shut, and she raised a knee to try to guard her stomach. 

Gia Gammon turned to the director holding up one finger. She wanted to try one more time. Director Ed just shrugged his shoulders, why not?

This time Gia put Gabi took a side approach. The blonde struggled, weakly flailing her arms, as the soccer star locked her inner elbow around her chin. Gia threw her leg back and brought it up hard into Gabi’s soft belly leaning back to really dig in deep.

Gabi’s small body lifted with the blow, her mouth elongating to accommodate the wind leaving her sails. She looked as though she might pass out as she sighed a long, miserable moan “Ooh!”

Gia pulled out her knee leaving Gabi to gasp and sink to the ground. She lay her head on the ground, doubled over her thighs, noodle arms flopped her sides, her cute little spandex butt up in the air.


The announcer then said “Athletics, by Venus de Milo. You won’t be able to play like World Soccer Champion Gia Gammon, but you’ll look great!”

“Oh my god, play it again,” Riley laughed hysterically, through the teleconference she paused the video while Gabi’s tight little butt was center screen, her Venus de Milo's in clear view “that was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.”

“Oh honey,” said Lakyn sympathetically in her own chat window, “at least they paid you well right?”

“The pay has been good, I can live without a roommate for a few months. I filmed a whole bunch with them, and if it takes off they will call me back. Jen thinks I might have a future in stunt work at least. ” 

Allegra popped onto the main screen as she talked “Hey that’s great Gabi!”

Gabi plopped down on the couch next to Jen with a bowl of popcorn. “Best part? They let me keep the shoes!”

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4 Beach Volleyball

“Happy, Contacts List Day, Jen!” said Gabi cheerfully prancing up to catering in a very leggy terry cloth robe, her heels clip-clopping as she walked. She offered the stunt coordinator a small paper tab with her phone number printed on it. “Here you go.”

Jen sighed, “Don’t let the guys pick on you like that Sweetie, I’ll get you a robe that at least covers your thighs.”

Gabi nodded in agreement, she understood that Jen thought there was a problem with the robe, but she did not understand what it was.


“It’s my favorite robe, I brought it from home.”

“Of course, it is“ Jen chuckled …and why are you giving me your number?”

Now Gabi was confused, “National Contact List day? The crew told me about when they were buying me drinks last night. I’m supposed to give everyone my phone number.”

Jen shook her head, Gabi lived in a very different world. “Gabi, have you ever had to pay for your own dinner?”

“No, why?” Gabi examined a strand of flaxen blonde hair, realization slowly rising in her pretty blue eyes.“O M G! Am I supposed to pay for all that stuff?”

“Just… never mind Gabi, let’s get to work.”

“Okay.” Jen grabbed a donut, may as well make it a cheat day, and they headed for the set. Gabi sincerely asked, “Why is there so much crew here? Even Tucker from UPS has been hanging out all morning. ” 

“I’m thinking it has to do with when that robe hits the floor Gabi,” said Jen, keeping an eye on the young actress’s short hemline. “And our distinguished guests.”

2 tall college-age girls were on the set laughing with some of the young crewmen. They wore sunglasses and pink sports bikinis that showed off their well-developed athletic bodies. Director Ed motioned for Gabi to follow him and introduced the MacKenzie Twins. “This is Aiden and Ainsley, WUC Beach Volleyball champions. ”

“Nice to meet you.” said the girl he called Aiden. 

“Wow,” she said to the identical sisters. “Are you girls’ sisters?” 

The 2 blondes gave each other mutually annoyed looks. Was she for real? Director Ed said “They’re Identical Twins.”

“So…” Gabi pondered. “No?”

The MacKenzie girls each took a step toward Gabi but Director Ed stepped in front of them with a clipboard. ”Alright Boobzilla…”  

Gabi tilted her head like a puppy “What was that?”

“… as usual you’re going to be playing defense. One Mackenzie is going to set the ball up near the net and the other one will use the trampoline for extra height and spike the ball.”

“Oh, that is going to look neat!” Gabi commented. She was a natural at making men feel like they were the most important thing in the world to her. Director Ed smiled a little, maybe he could impress this pretty girl… 

…then he reminded himself. “That bitch would take everything you own in the divorce.” 

Gabi blinked her intoxicating blue eyes and tilted her head the other way. “Hmm?”

“Take off your clothes!” Director Ed blurted.

Gabi’s mouth sloped, taken aback. Director Ed collected himself and checked his clipboard for her name. “Let’s see Schlimazel. Gabi, if you would, please take off your robe for us?”

“Oh sure!” the girl said. Gabi revealed her blue bikini as she pulled the robe open, noticing how everyone in the room stopped or slowed as she drew their attention, and handed the dressing gown to Director Ed. It was his turn to drop his jaw. Gabi’s body was milk and honey, soft and gilded.

She was one of those actresses whose roles were limited because of her looks. Gabi was too pretty for Hollywood. She was always going to be the hot dancing girl at the party or the chick in short shorts who dropped the checkered flag to start the street race. She played a beauty contestant more than once. 

Gabi would be the funny attractive best friend, but never the romantic lead. Romance movies relied on a love-hate relationship between the lead actors. The audience would never look at Gabi and believe she couldn’t find a date, or that Handsome Dan wasn’t instantly in love with her.

With wide hips and bosom, Gabi was a perfect example of an hourglass body shape. She knew bikini day was coming and dutifully lost a few pounds so that her muscle tone would pop on camera. Her sculpted tummy looked especially good today. Gabi learned the benefits of spray tan back in her cheerleading days and had applied it so that there would be no mischievous visible lines. The bikini itself provided coverage over her broad hips and the expanse of her nicely rounded womanhood. 

Gabi heard the Mackenzie twins complaining about the extra looking better than them. She felt the warmth of everyone’s gaze on her bare bronze skin. Feeling naked in front of a lot of people the girl put a hand over her cleavage and the other between her thighs. This was why the crew were hanging around on their days off. The cute blonde blushed “Um..?” 

Director Ed lingered a bit longer than the SAG rules permitted, but then he shook himself back to the present and yelled “Action!”

“Oh, we’re already rolling Ed.” Said Cameraman Steve. Ed pointed at one of the Mackenzie’s who had a white ball ready to toss “Ainsley go!”

Gabi took a wide stance ready to move in any direction. The point of the commercial was for her to lose the exchange to make the famous player look good. So on a technicality, block or fail to block, there was nothing she could do wrong.

But what if she spiked it? Gabi thought. What if on this 1st take she went for it and stopped a professional volleyball player in her tracks? She could intercept the Mackenzie girl at the net and hit that ball with everything she had.

It would be even better if Gabi managed to nail the girl in the face or stomach. She didn’t want to hurt anyone, but it would look really funny. They would only lose one take, but Gabi could gain the respect of the Mackenzie Twins and the crew. 

Maybe they would even use the footage! As Aiden served the ball to her sister Ainsley, Gabi made the decision to go into business for herself.

Ainsley had her hands entwined into a large fist and received the ball with her forearms. She set the ball a few feet higher than normal, as she and Aiden had practiced so that it would meet Aiden at the apex of her vault off the trampoline.

Aiden was gloriously airborne, the trampoline launching her to touch 17 feet into the air, well beyond her normal 10. Awesome! Ainsley could tell by the huge grin on her sister’s face that she loved being able to fly.

Gabi was on the move, running up to the net, crouching slightly than leaping into the air to touch an impressive 8 feet. Gabi got most of her forearm over the net. She spread herself out preparing to counter-spike that ball into oblivion. 

Except that the ball was a man’s height above her, eclipsing the light from the array of parcan’s hanging above and behind Aiden as she soared above her like Superman. 

The 21-year-old volleyball champion had one arm straight reaching for the ball and her striking arm bent, hand open, wrist straight. She looked like that statue of Zeus throwing a lightning bolt.

Then Aiden lowered her sighting arm and bent the firing arm so that her elbow was next to her ear and she could grab the back of her own neck.

Finally, as the 2 arcs, Aiden’s and the ball met, the future Olympian twisted her torso, lashing her arm out like a whip. As Gabi watched from 8 feet below, she herself was 3 off the sand and she realized her folly. 

“What have I done?”

Aiden spiked the white volleyball with a resounding thud. 2 asteroids clashing in space, one doomed to be destroyed by the other. Gabi imagined lightning and fire as the remaining ember streaked down toward her. If the initial collision was loud. The secondary made the crew cringe as the ball collided like a speeding car…

… right into Gabi’s lower abdomen. 

“Guh!” Gabi cried out as volleyball smashed into her belly forcing all the air out of her core. She reached out to Aiden the Angel above her but there was to be no mercy. She fell to the earth abandoned, betrayed, she was Hans Gruber at the end of Die Hard. 

The girls hit the sand at about the same time. Gabi sank to her knees and bent backward with her shoulders nearly on the ground, belly stretched out. Aiden was ready to go again. 

“It’s still in play! Go, Ainsley!” This time Ainsley took flight from the trampoline, meeting the ball high above the net and joyfully spiking it. She felt like she was playing in space. To keep the ball legal it had to be touched by another player. So she aimed for…

…Gabi’s stomach. The girl was still caught in a backbend straining for breath, contemplating the slow-burning in her tummy, when the volleyball came back into her life. It hit her…

… in the belly. Gabi’s body twitched and she groaned as the air she had retained was forced back out of her. “Oof!”

Aiden again, she and her sister had a Special rhythm that was hard to defend against. Whether it be through some freaky twin magic or simply that they had been teammates since they were 4 years old. With impressive precision, the blonde volleyball player floated up the ball perfectly positioned to spike the ball…

…into the blondes poor tummy. “Oof!” Gabi sank her shoulders into the sand, shaking as the volleyball struck her outstretched belly and returned it to Ainsley. Gabi’s body shuddered again as Ainsley scored…

…that’s right on her stomach again. “Oof!”

After keeping the ball in play for a few seconds, the Mackenzie Twins knew they had something special and were getting excited. This is what every volleyball player lived for, getting a long, uninterrupted rally. Ainsley yelled encouragement “Go Aiden!”

“Oof!” Gabi grunted as her gut received and rejected the ball a 5th time.

Aiden was a little too pumped and almost hit Gabi’s stomach at a bad angle so that it wouldn’t come back to them. Ainsley was there as always. She hit the ball extra hard so that it struck Gabi’s solar plexus, popping open the girl’s bra, and returned at a more controllable velocity. “Ooh!”

From there the girls grew silent, relaxed, and determined. They had kept the rally going for 10 exchanges; their best was 15.

“Oof! Oof!” Gabi moaned, hardly aware that her breasts had spilled out, as they tried to beat their personal record. “Ooh!”

15! 20! Could they make 30?

“Oh!” Gabi made it more difficult when she moved a leg to relieve the strain on her back a bit. The girls were able to compensate though, preventing her from turning on her side by driving her back with a volleyball to the stomach. “Ah!”

“Twenty-five!” Ainsley yelled.

“Ooh!” Gabi moaned, getting both legs free so she lay flat on the sand. “Oof!”

“Thirty!” Aiden replied, her voice cracking with anticipation. 

The Mackenzie girls had succeeded in making 36 back and forth rallies, Ainsley spiked a 37th but Gabi ruined it by receiving the ball in the little triangle of fabric between her legs and the ball went wild. A new fire erupted in her abdomen, joining but not quite merging with the other. 

“Ooohh!” The throbbing pain made her eyes bulge and she rolled onto her side grabbing herself between the legs.

“Okay cut!” Yelled Director Ed angrily. The crew groaned in disappointment, damn it, Gabi!

“I think we could keep it rolling a little bit longer.” CameraMan Steve remarked focusing on Gabi lying topless on her side holding herself.

“Loser.” Aiden and Ainsley expressed their disappointment by kicking sand at Gabi, who responded by writhing in the sand and hugging herself. 

Even Jen said “You couldn’t have laid there a little longer Gabi? They would have broken a world record if they made it 40.”

Gabi didn’t have an argument, they were right, she could have done better. Actually, Gabi didn’t say any of that, she just laid there wide-eyed and moaning.

“Whatever,” Jen said, not hiding her disappointment. “We’re going to get drinks with the Mackenzie girls, then I’m going to stay at my place tonight. I’m not breaking up with you, I’m just mad. I’ll see you in the morning.”

Jen shook her head in disappointment and left, Everyone left and turned off the lights. After some time alone in the dark Gabi managed to wheeze “Oh it hurts…”

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