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“Hurg!” It was much harder than Cassidy had expected and she dropped her arms and lifted a knee. Again Honey Cream paced back and stepped into her punch catching Cassidy in the belly.

“Ooooh!” The second punch bent Cassidy over. Her eyes squinted and she puckered her bee-stung lips as she bent at the waist. “I get three this time.”

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by CountryMouse , 2 years ago


“Let’s go girls!“ Captain Cassidy Craft called through her bedazzled pink megaphone. The petite women's light soprano voice was commanding despite its high lilt.

The “Girls” were her squad. Candy Jam, Lexx Fany, Jizzy Sin, and Jujubee Deep were the females of the Special Space Force the “Fighting Moss Piglets”. These girls were more than her teammates, they were her friends and family.

The five women boldly, hips swaying in unison, walked forward as one entity with Cassidy in the middle. Each wore the standard uniform for the Galactic Empire, tight, navy blue, form-fitting bib jackets that clipped over the right breast. Their rank was indicated with pips on the same shoulder. They wore short shorts with thigh-high stockings and keenly polished combat boots. 

Cpt. Cassidy Craft had almost the same outfit except that hers was Officer Pink and she added a pillbox stewardess cap. She had a ray gun strapped to each thigh, currently wielding one of them to aim at the enemy.

Honey Cream was half a head taller than Cassidy, wearing leather pants and vest, with a tube bra. She had the tough muscular look of a freedom fighter. With every terrorist, you also find a person defending their home. 

Honey Cream and her four-woman squad carried low-tech, reliable, carbine rifles. Long barreled ordinance shortened for mobility. Primitive, but no less effective than their energy weapons.

Honey Cream raised a hand, halting the shooting before it began. “Just a minute, Captain Craft.”

Cassidy Craft pointed her Raygun skyward and shifted her weight to the opposite hip. She raised a pink eyebrow, interested. She said, “You know me?”

Honey Cream stood her ground, “By reputation, I know you are a good soldier who does what’s right when you can.”

“When I can…”

Honey Cream paced, keeping her distance. She waved at her girls, “We’re tired, we know we’ve lost the planet to the Galactic Commonwealth. This war is over. All there is for us now is to crawl back to our homes and protect our families.”

“I’m a soldier, I can’t just let you walk away,” Cassidy argued.

“Not saying you should.” Honey Cream held up one finger. She was getting to her point now. “I’m saying we duel.”

“Chainsaws at twenty paces?” Cassidy said doubtfully.

“No.” Honey Cream laughed, she liked Cassidy. “We do it like the guys. Put down our guns. Wrap up our fists, and whoever is on their knees gets their terms.”

“You want to do a Tenderizer?” Cassidy said, eyeing the rack of muscle on the other woman’s stomach “With me?” 

“I heard you’ve never lost.” Honey Cream smiled, “If I’m going down I’d like to test my mettle against the best.” 

“Here it is.” The enemy leader continued. “My girls walk. If, when I put you on your knees I go with them.”

Cassidy smiled, Honey Cream was martyring herself to spare her teammates. How could she not like that? “And when you lose?”

“I won’t,” said Honey Cream, “but you can take me in. I won't resist. If you’re the woman I think you are, I can trust you to act honorably.”

Cpt. Cassidy Craft looked to her squad. She didn’t require their approval, but in this case, it would help her make the decision.   Commander Fany hollered,

“Kick her ass Cap’n!” 

The women from both squads formed a semi-circle as Cassidy and Honey Cream walked further into the ravaged town. Captain Craft stopped at a ruined building that still had a standing brick wall. She undid her nylon tactical gun belt and handed it to Lexx Fany. “We’ll do it here.”

Cassidy released the clip of her uniform jacket to let it slide off her shoulders and down her lean toned arms. Under the coat, she wore a crop top that displayed her tight four-pack tummy.

As if to one-up her opponent Honey Cream slid her vest off and stood up straight with her arms curled. She flexed her biceps and stomach. The woman had an impressive, intimidating, eight-pack.

Cassidy made a point not to react to Honey Cream's larger physique. “So how do we decide who goes first?”



“I challenged you.” Honey Cream said, putting her back to the wall and crossing her arms behind her head. “I’ll go…Ooooh!”

As soon as Honey Cream was in position Cassidy stepped in and plowed her fist into the woman’s gut as hard as she could. Honey's abs were firm but she hadn’t tensed up yet and took the punch while her tummy was mostly relaxed.

“Respect.” Honey Cream wheezed, “I was going to do that to y… Oof!”

Cassidy pulled back her fist and drove it again into Honey Cream's firm stomach. This time she met more resistance, but her target still gasped and bent forward. Cassidy started to walk away, that was enough to put down most of her challengers. “Had enough?”

Honey Cream laughed curling her hand into a fist “Not even close Captain! It's my turn now.”

Cassidy assumed the position putting her back against the wall and arms over her head. She made sure to tighten up her stomach before the Rebel could sucker punch her. Honey Cream took a step towards her, turning her shoulder as she drove home her punch into Cassidy’s abs.

“Hurg!” Her abs held up, but the punch was much harder than Cassidy had expected, she dropped her arms and lifted a knee. Again Honey Cream paced back and stepped into her punch catching Cassidy in the belly.

“Ooooh!” The second punch bent Cassidy over. Her eyes squinted and she puckered her bee-stung lips as she bent at the waist.




by CountryMouse , 2 years ago


“I get three this time.” Cassidy’s smile was strained, those punches had really hurt. already she could tell that Honey Cream was going to be her toughest opponent yet, but she was a long way from quitting. Actually, it was fun to be challenged.

They switched positions and Honey Cream put her hands up. Cassidy watched the women's sculpted abs wax and wane as she breathed. She was trying to keep as little air in her as possible. 

Eventually, Honey was forced to take a deep breath and Cassidy hit her with a savage uppercut digging up under her ribs. Honey’s eyes bulged and her mouth yawned open. “Ooooooh!”

Honey Cream received another driving uppercut before she could finish exhaling. She clawed at the brick wall trying to keep on her feet, “Oof”

“You got this Honey!” One of her girls cheered.

“Guh!” Cassidy yanked her fist out of the girl's guts and hammered her in the stomach with her other fist. Honey Cream stuck her tongue out, gagging. She raised her head up, still smiling. “Now I get three.”

Honey Cream went to the balls of her feet and took a broad stance that Cassidy recognized from her self-defense training. She prepared for the onslaught by exhaling and flexing her stomach muscle.

Her coffee-skinned opponent was patient, making Cassidy wait, it was the same game Cassidy had played with her. The Captain only made short breaths and then exhaled quickly, only leaving about half of her lung capacity. She hardened her stomach so that her marble abs really showed their definition.

Cassidy steeled herself mentally. A technique the Commonwealth taught its soldiers to resist torture. She told herself that she was going to be hit, but it was not going to hurt.

“Oof!” It did hurt, but she was ready for it. Honey Cream threw a powerful right, and then a left into The Captain’s belly button. The heavy body blows challenged her but didn’t get through her abdominal wall. She had lost most of her wind though. “Oof!”

With no reprieve Honey Cream pinned her hands over Cassidy’s wrists. She snapped her lead foot straight back to generate power then hopped as she fired a kick into Cassidy’s midriff. Her hard inner knee caught the mass of nerves at the center of The Captain’s weakened torso. 

“Uhn!”  The knee sank in with a thud, straightening Cassidy’s spine against the brick wall. The small woman’s thighs came together and she folded so far that her long ponytail touched the ground. 

The rebels laughed while The Captain stumbled around like a drunk, mouth slackened open and big brown eyes were wide open, holding her stomach, fighting for breath. The sharp, burning sensation of a belly-busting punch was not something she would ever get used to.

Their leader, Honey Cream, calmly assumed the position, putting her back against the wall and folding her hands behind her head, allowing Cassidy to take her time to recover. She could allow this contest to continue a bit longer.

Lt. Jizzy Sin moved to help her Captain but Commander Fany put a hand over her breast. “Captain made a deal, and she would want us to honor it. We can’t help her till she quits or one of them loses.”




by CountryMouse , 2 years ago


Cassidy fell forward, but went into the side splits and caught herself before she touched the ground. Both sides of the crowd gasped. Not only had The Captain almost lost, but it would also be her first loss ever. No, our hero pulled herself up and walked off the pain.

“I didn’t know that kicks were allowed, but I’m game.” She stopped about three strides away from where Honey Cream was stretched out against the wall. The Captain confirmed with her opponent, “Four?”

Then Cassidy closed the distance and jumped, leading with her knee. Honey Cream’s eyes screwed up as the girl's bony patella found its way past her belly’s defenses. She lifted her head as she bent forward, and a little bit of drool escaped her honey yellow lips. “Oooooh!”

Cassidy wrapped her elbow around Honey Cream’s head and pounded a brutal punch up into her guts. The rebel leader's arms and legs flailed and her violated body made a deep “Woof!”

Like clockwork, she received another uppercut from Cassidy, who really dug into the woman’s stomach. Honey’s punches were hard and savage, but The Captain knew what she was doing. She knew where to hit and how hard to hit to make it hurt.

When Cassidy released the woman’s head Honey rested her elbows on her knees huffing for breath. She seemed to be near passing out and laid her hand flat on the ground to keep herself from keeling over. 

The Captain had one more in her belt, and she held onto it until her opponent was fully back on her feet. Honey Cream rubbed her aching tummy and leaned back hoping that stretching would relieve some of the throbbings.  

That was when Captain Craft spun on her heels and then brought her back knee around to crack her foot into Honey’s suffering stomach. 

“Oof!” The kick took the rebel leader off of her feet. She landed staggering wildly, her eyes and mouth agape in disbelief. Honey Cream waved her arms to keep from teetering forward or backward. “Ooh she’s going down!” Said Jujubee excitedly.

Cmdr. Lexx Fany stated stoically. “Your leader took nine solid hits, not record-breaking, but a respectable showing. Nothing to be ashamed of.”

“No!” Honey Cream yelled firmly, she stood to a cheer from her people. It wasn’t just her freedom at stake. She believed Cassidy would keep her word if she won. She could not trust that the enemy would honor the deal and let her teammates go free if Honey Cream the Tenderizer contest, “We ain’t done yet!”

“I’m impressed, Rebel,” said Captain Cassidy Craft sincerely. “Not many challengers get this far. You’re tough.”

“Your fucking right I’m tough!” Honey Cream said, shoving Cassidy against the wall. “And it’s my turn to punch. I got four.”

“Whatever you… uff!” Cassidy was going to let the Rebels go in hopes she could recruit Honey Cream for herself, but a quick jab to the tummy cut her short. It was fast, and penetrating, but lacked power. The small woman lurched forward slightly and grunted. It confused Cassidy’s core muscles and as she adjusted for the lighter impact her muscular opponent assaulted her diaphragm with the two hardest punches yet. The second punch sank in hard, breaking new ground within The Captain’s already abused gut. Cassidy writhed, her body defensively curling up. Her arms fell to her sides and her head bobbed as she groaned “Ouuph!”

The third punch came right after the first, pressing her firm butt against the wall as Honey Cream’s fist drilled into her midriff. Cassidy was at the end of her moan and this brought forth a high, gasping, squeak. “Ah!”

If they didn’t know better their Captain was having an orgasm from the beating she was receiving. She leaned into Honey Cream holding onto her strong biceps and laying her head on the woman’s shoulder. Tears were streaming down her high, flushed, cheekbones. Cassidy didn’t know her, but Honey Cream certainly knew Cassidy Craft. This was a time when a person could be a soldier and a celebrity influencer at the same time. Craft wasn’t just the famous leader of the Fighting Moss-Piglets,’ she was a bonafide fashion magnate and sex symbol.

Honey Cream was into it and if she died today she would regret being this close to one of the sexiest women alive and not making a move. Without her consent, the rebel leader grasped the back of Cassidy’s head and planted a rough, but skillful kiss on the girl's soft, pink lips. Her big brown eyes were wide with confused surprise. Jujubee said. “Whoah!”

“Mmm!” Cassidy’s scream was muffled, her mouth opened allowing Honey’s tongue to snake down her throat. The kiss was wet and warm igniting a fire in her loins that had been needing stoking for months. She found herself hungrily matching the darting movements with her own tongue. 

Honey’s hands wandered, squeezing her breast then running her knuckles up and down her firm abs. Cassidy realized her fate a moment too late. While holding the kiss Honey Cream drew back her arm and curled a merciless punch into Cassidy’s unsuspecting belly.  

“Nnnnnng!” knives of light flickered at the periphery of Cassidy’s vision as a wave of nausea erupted from her gut. Honey Cream kept her grip on Cassidy’s neck devouring the sparse air in her lungs. Pulling her tongue into her until The Captain gagged. Her little body spasmed as it fought for oxygen, it had been a long time since she had taken a substantial breath, and was dangerously near unconsciousness. 

Honey Cream continued her rude molestation by clawing a thumb and finger into one of Cassidy’s butt cheeks and clamping hard, lifting her to stand on pointed toe. “Mm!”

When Honey Cream finally released the kiss Cassidy was breathing in short sharp breaths, blushing to her shoulders. She was just cognizant enough to lock her knees and press her back into the wall, but lifted her arms without protest so that  Honey Cream could pull her bra off over her head.

Cassidy Craft stood her bared breasts heaving as she breathed, stripped to the waist, with only her brief shorts, thigh-high stockings, and boots on. She had a stunning, tight body and a deep tan with no sign of tan lines. She glared at Honey Cream, offended and aroused.

“You went too far, Honey Cream!” Cassidy accused.

Honey Cream pinched her nipple until it swelled. She said loudly so that her squad could hear “Don’t act like you didn’t like it.”

They laughed at that, somehow Cassidy got even redder. This was escalating into more than a tenderizer contest, which usually involved one-up-manship and stripping when it involved women. Molestation was not the norm, but it was not unheard of. Already The Captain recognized Honey Cream as the toughest opponent she had ever faced, and she was by far the most attractive.

“Do you yield Captain?” Honey Cream asked, grinning like a tigress. 

“Not even close, Honey.” Cassidy Craft straightened and walked proudly if a bit off balance. “You kiss like a Flagonian Frog.”

Honey Cream’s eyebrows perked briefly as she put her back to the wall “…and you liked it.”




by CountryMouse , 2 years ago


Cassidy held out her hand. “Let’s have it.”

When Honey Cream hesitated Cassidy snapped her fingers insistently. “C’mon now, I’m topless and all's fair, don’t make me rip it off of you.”

Honey Cream did as she was told, pulling up the tube top so that her gorgeous melons spilled out. Cassidy motioned with her head and Honey threw her top onto Cassidy’s discarded bra starting a pile of their clothing.

She took the rebel leader by the wrist and twisted until her elbow was pointing the wrong way, forcing her to bend over to compensate for the strain. Cassidy had a clear shot at her stomach. The Captain shifted her weight from her back leg to her front. Kicking her long leg out to snap the steel toe of her pink combat boot up into Honey’s six-pack. 

“Woof!” She arched her back and dropped her head. Her whole body went up with the impact. 

“Oof!” The tip of Cassidy’s boot struck home again, meeting little resistance. The two women had been trading blows for several minutes now and they were both exhausted. These girls were cut from the same cloth. Until two years ago Honey Cream worked in her er family's fields. Then the Commonwealth landed, preceded two days by the Y bomb that indiscriminately wiped out ninety percent of the planet’s men. She and all the girls under the age of thirty traveled to the largest village and took up arms. They had been living as guerillas ever since, striking at the Commonwealth from out of the shadows. 

“Hoof!” The Captain kicked out a third time. Slamming her heavy boot into the rebel's firm abs. Cassidy also started at a farm, but the Commonwealth came when she was just a child and molded her into a soldier. She was raised in the academy, training to be both a soldier and a lady. She succeeded at an elite level and continued into advanced training. Once she had boots on the ground she was promoted to Captain, earning command of a small ship, the Commonwealth Space Fleet “LoveCraft”.

“Oog!” Cassidy poured more speed and power into the last two of her allowed kicks. Thumping her heavy vat-grown leather boot up into Honey’s belly so that her pert little butt pointed skyward. “Oof!”

After taking five unforgiving kicks to the gut Honey Cream had her legs spread

wide and put her hands on the ground. She made a pathetic retching noise, but nothing came out of her.

Cassidy stood in front of the wall with a hand on her hip and waited. They had a minute to take their turn or forfeit the match. All Cassidy had to do was let Honey’s time run out.

The woman straightened up, unsteady on her feet. She made a quick glance behind her and pushed herself against the wall for support. Cassidy could not help but admire the woman’s grit. Honey Cream was determined not to lose this, not only for her own freedom but for the safety of her friends. They were depending on her. Cassidy reminded herself that in the context of this contest, Honey was her opponent, not her enemy. 

With ten seconds to go the rebel was facing Cassidy again, putting up her dukes. Both girls were naked to the waist. I challenge you to find four better breasts than were on display that day. Their skin had a glowing sheen of perspiration from the exertion of the fight.

Honey lifted Cassidy’s pink heel to her own knee and worked at loosening the bootstraps. She yanked off the steel-toed combat boots. Then slid the knee socks down the woman’s curvaceous calves, noting she had cute, perfect little feet. Honey added these to their pile of clothing.

The rebel looked Cassidy over. Of her uniform, she only had her tiny briefs. She was small and slight, with a narrow figure. Barely five feet tall, she had a short torso and long muscular legs. Still, her pretty face was proud, if strained from the many body blows she had endured.

Honey twisted one of Cassidy’s arms behind her back, then the other over her shoulder to pin her wrists together. The girl cried out a little as her battered tummy was stretched, painfully pulling her belly button into a vertical slit.

“Uh!” The rebel held her firmly as she pistoned five brutal knee lifts up into Cassidy’s petite frame. 

“Oof!” Her locked arms forced her to remain stretched out as her belly was penetrated over and over. “Oof!”

“Hoog!” Cassidy’s head bowed forward, tears streaming down her cheeks, her consciousness fading.

Then Honey tossed her against the wall and followed in with another knee. Cassidy looked skyward gurgling, her whole body twitching in response. “Hgn!”

Cassidy stumbled forward hugging her stomach and sobbing but she recovered by leaning against the wall. Honey Cream leaned against her, wiping away her own tears. 

“Do you quit Rebel?” Cassidy asked between staggered breaths. 




by CountryMouse , 2 years ago


Honey Cream choked on her laugh, soon both women were laughing. “Not a chance, Captain. I will graciously accept your surrender if you need to stop.”

“No.” Cassidy Craft held her aching side. “I’m just warming up.”

“Alright then.” Honey Cream said, pulling off her black lineman boots so that she was barefoot in her hip-hugging leather pants. Unlike Cassidy’s compact figure, Honey was tall and lean, but no less stunning. “We’re up to six.”

The Captain squared off with Honey Cream, her fists at her sides. Honey had her knees bent and hands knitted into the wall. Then Cassidy delivered one thudding body blow after the other in a steady rhythm.

She threw a hard right into Honey's lower diaphragm. The Rebel’s shoulders slumped as she grunted. “Oooh!” 

Cassidy tossed a left into the same spot, just above the belly button. “Oooh!”

Honey doubled over but Cassidy forced her back up and hammered another punch into her bare midriff. The right fist again, still focusing on the lower stomach but pounding upwards, “Oof!”

Honey’s eyes and mouth were wide with confoundment, the prolonged beating was taking its toll on her. “Oof!”

“Oof!” Then Cassidy rammed two powerful rights into the center of Honey’s Belly to end her turn. Honey Cream held her arms around her stomach, knees together, moaning deeply. “Ooooh!”

Honey suddenly, and with surprising strength took The Captain by the shoulders and slammed her against the wall. Cassidy had little left in her to resist, she was genuinely amazed that the Rebel was still on her feet after taking twenty punches to the stomach. Who was this woman? 

The Rebel leader licked her lips, her excitement was apparent on her face as she hooked her fingers into the hips of Cassidy’s shorts. Slowly she pulled the pink briefs down the girl's thick tanned thighs. Captain Cassidy Craft turned red

with embarrassment as everybody, friend and foe were greeted with the smooth, clean-shaven area of her sex. 

Cassidy pulled her hair back, feeling hot as all the gathered women’s attention was focused on her naked body.  It was a privilege to see such a beautiful woman up close and nude. Actress, singer, soldier, and scientist Cassidy Craft was one of the most desired women in the galaxy for her intelligence and legendary body. Gifted genes, eugenic enhancement, and a rigorous fitness routine had gotten her here. Advanced healing science had done away with scarring, and there was not a blemish, nor a tan line on her perfect, smooth skin.

She had done a nude spread in Intergalactic Playboy, it was not as though everyone present had not seen her naked before. However, it had been a long time since a fight had lasted so long that she had lost her clothing. Her girls boasted over drinks at how their Captain never got stripped during a contest. Not only that but anyone could see her obvious arousal. Though they did not feel that way, Cassidy was ashamed that she had let them down as her leader.

Honey Cream twirled Cassidy’s last bit of clothing in her hand, whistling her approval. “Damn girl, you are fine!”

“Maybe we should go fuck instead?” Honey cream suggested. Her squad laughed, but she was half-serious. “The loser is whoever gets off first?”

Cassidy shifted her weight, annoyed by the vulgar suggestion. She had a sexy public image, but she was also famously chaste. “I’m not that kind of girl, despite the outfit.”

“Look at that.” Jujubee teased one of Honey’s teammates as Honey Cream approached Cassidy to take her turn. “Your girl is putting up a tough front. She can barely stand upright.”

“Yeah? Well, your Cap got stripped naked!” The rebel soldier laughed in response.

“So what?” Jujubee replied. “The last time she ended up naked she still won, she’s never lost, and you can tell that she’s in great shape.”

The soldier swore as they watched Honey Cream trip over her spaghetti legs and slam into Cassidy. “Ugn! What the fuck?”

Honey apologized, “That was an accident, really, are you ready?”

“Whatever, just do it.”

Honey Cream propped the smaller girl up then leaned against her and the wall on for support. She pulled back her fist and thrust her shoulder forward with the punch.

“Uuh…” the girl sighed. Cassidy Craft was already against the wall but the Rebel’s body blows somehow pushed her even further back. She bowed forward, eyes closed and moaning, one arm hugging her attacker, the other limp.

“Ooh…” These punches were point blank and powerful. Sapping what little endurance Cassidy had in her exhausted beaten body. 

“Uhn…” The Captain was seeing flecks of lightning again. The fleet allowed these sorts of fights to take place, it gave them a tough reputation, but you were not allowed to lose them. She might be court-martialed for recklessness, or demoted and separated from her team.

“Uh!” She had taken more punches than this, but not many more, and not from such a strong opponent. She realized that maybe she had it easy till now. Perhaps her PR agents had planted a few ringers to falsely inflate her reputation. Cassidy was near her limit.

“Ooooh!” She moaned as another fist plowed into her tummy. She felt like she was being kicked by a star cruiser at low altitudes. How did Honey have the strength to throw these devastating hurting bombs so late in the game?

“Ooooh!” Cassidy’s blinked tears from her glassy brown eyes. Honey’s fist dug up under her rib cage, punishing her whole body.

The small woman looked sideways at Honey Cream, choking hard, her world rocked. Her opponent met her gaze, it was clear she was also running on autopilot. Honey drew Cassidy in and pressed her mouth against hers. 

 “Mm…” This time the kiss was not so rough, but also Cassidy wasn’t fighting it as much, it was much nicer than punching each other after all.

Not bothering to rub her lips clean, The Captain pushed Honey off of her, firmly pressing the Rebel's shoulders against the wall.

 It was her turn again.




by CountryMouse , 2 years ago


Cassidy unfastened each button on the fly of Honey Cream’s low rider pants peeling the tight garment down to the woman’s knees. Unlike Cassidy’s laser clean muff, Honey had a small landing strip. Her name made sense now, she was naturally blonde.

The ladies were beyond exhaustion ready to keel over at any moment. Cassidy had to both hold Honey Cream up to take her turn and support herself so that she didn’t lose the contest. All it took was one of them dropping to a knee.

Cassidy rested her head on Honey’s shoulder letting the woman breathe heavily into her ear.

“Why don’t you just quit… ooh” Honey started to say as Cassidy slugged her in the stomach.

“…you bitch!” She finished, wheezing. Cassidy pulled her fist back, she had six more, and she felt that she could end this. That she needed to end this so that she did not have to receive Honey’s crushing punches again. 

Cassidy slammed her fist into Honey’s gut and was reciprocated with a groan. “I am a soldier of the Commonwealth, I follow orders.”

“Ooh!” Honey suffered. “That’s bullshit Cassidy, I follow you on social media, you are better than this. Oof!”

Cassidy shut her up by blasting three quick, successfully harder punches into her bare six-pack. “Oof! Oof! Oooooh!”

She was sobbing from the prolonged ache in her torso. Honey switched places and took her turn. Pounding seven solid punches into Cassidy’s now soft belly. The Captain just grunted over and over as she was gutted by the bigger woman.

They were done with witty banter and fancy moves. Now they just concentrated on staying on their feet and trying to beat the other woman. Cassidy took her turn thumping Honey eight times with uneven force.

Then Cassidy cried as she had to receive eight more blows to her soft, unguarded belly. Then after her turn for offense she leaned against the wall and suffered nine more gut punches, then ten.

“Wow!” One of Honey’s girls said. “They beat the record!”

“Fifty-four punches each.” Pvt. Candy Jam said in disbelief. “They shattered it!”

Commander Fany commented. “How are either of them still up?”

Cassidy was barely aware of the punches, it was now just a constant smoldering ache in her tummy that eased and renewed as each blow pounded into her gut. Everything started turning white…


…Then The Captain was waking up. She blinked at the bright purple sky, feeling the warmth of Seneran 1s large star on her bare skin. Suddenly she was compelled to take a hard, violent breath that made her ribs hurt. 

It then registered that she had no clothes on. Except for some red sand sticking to her skin she was buck naked and there were people surrounding her.

“Ah!” Cassidy cried out as the pain in her gut all came back at once. An enormous wrenching fire inside her body. She rolled over to be face down and held wrapped her arms around her belly, feeling all the body blows at once. She burst into tears wailing “Ooooooooh!”

She could do nothing but suffer her belly ache for several minutes. At some point, her squad had moved her and now she was resting her head in Lexx Fany’s lap.

“Oh no! I passed out and fell” When Cassidy had recovered enough she remembered what had happened. She tried to sit up but her aching muscles wouldn’t allow it. “I lost!”




by CountryMouse , 2 years ago


As Captain Cassidy Craft panicked Cmdr. Lexx Fany chuckled. “No Captain look.”

The commander pointed to the other camp where a barely conscious Honey Cream was being nursed by her squad. Lexx explained, “I think you both were knocked out around the ninth round.”

“But you two just kept going at it until you both just dropped.” Cmdr. Fany continued, “she went down first though, you just sort of kept grunting like she was still hitting you.”

Cassidy rubbed her sore tummy. “Man this hurts, you have no idea.”

“I might,” said Lexx Fany “Remember you recruited me the same way?”

“You went down on the second punch.” 

“I gave up on the second punch, you hit like a Space Interceptor.”

“What was the total?” Cassidy asked out of professional curiosity. “You took eighty-one..”

“Ooh!” Cassidy cringed holding her belly again. “Did the drone film it?”

“Of course it did, already been posted on your wall.” Said Lexx.

“Did you sensor it?” Cassidy said worried, the video would be very revealing and embarrassing for her.

“No. It would have been higher but the Rebel keeps over.” Lexx said with a smile. “We checked you out, you're going to be sore for a week, but you are fine. Thanks to that nanite additive in your bone marrow.”

“What about her?” The Captain asked, “is she okay?”

“Your new girlfriend is good, it was getting pretty hot there Cap’n,” Lexx grinned, she only smiled for Cassidy. “she has an extra organ instead of a gall bladder that pumps out white blood cells. Old tech similar to ours but it helped her.”

Cassidy got up, wincing at the sharp pain in her sides. She let Honey Cream say her goodbyes while she got dressed. Private Candy Jam picked up her uniform so she wouldn’t have to bend over.

She checked the wrist communicator implanted in her inner wrist. It showed that the Nyalarthotep was only a few miles away. “Her star pawns fails to check in with the Queen for an hour and she sends the whole fucking base to rescue us.”

Candy Jam asked, “What about them?”

Honey Cream was pulling on her tube top when Cassidy limped over to her and her rebels. She kept eye contact with Honey as she spoke. “The Platform is on its way here. The rest of you should get out of here.”

One of them spoke up “What about Honey?”

Cassidy held her gaze. “Honey is a wanted Rebel Leader, she gave herself up so you could return to your families. If you want to honor her, go home and pretend you never met her.”

Honey Cream made a slight nod only Cassidy could have seen. Cassidy said, “I’m sorry.”

“There’s no way we’re leaving her!” Said a few of her people. In the blink of an eye, both sides had their guns up and aimed at each other. Then the sky broke open as the Flotilla Grand Nyalarthotep pushed through the ever-present dust of Seleran 1.

“Damn she above all!” The Captain swore, “I didn’t get my ass kicked for ten minutes just to get everyone killed anyway…”

END Part 1