Gabi's Boxing Lesson 2021



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Sequel to "Road Rage"

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Jack laughed, “That would be hot, but I don’t think so. You know she’s an actress?”

“Yeah?” Jen raised an eyebrow, “has she been in anything good?”

“Mostly that CW crap if you’re into it, but she’s done some **** scenes.”

Jen went to check on Gabi who was still kowtowed and moaning softly. Jen offered her glove to help Gabi get to her feet. “Yeah, alright. I’ll definitely check that out.” 

The girl accepted gratefully, but instead of helping her to her feet, Jen thudded a cruel uppercut into Gabi’s soft belly. “Wump!” 

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@CountryMouse  ouch! Gabbi is quite the trooper for Jack. Interesting what get’s them going.



by CountryMouse , 2 years ago

“Ooooooh!” Gabi’s eyes crossed and she cocked her head to one side. Her arms lifted involuntarily as the bigger woman’s fist drove into her flat, but weak belly.

Gabi admitted that Jack’s charms worked on her. He wasn’t subtle, but he was funny and good looking and that made her blush. By the time they finished their coffee Jack had talked her into a date later that same night. He mysteriously told Gabi she should dress for a workout.

Gabi hit the mall more than she hit the gym. She decided on a matching spandex black bra and shorts she hadn’t worn yet. It wasn’t super revealing but was sure to give Jack some ideas. She knew guys liked her stomach so she made sure she was showing off her smooth abs. She wore minimum makeup and made sure it was waterproof so it wouldn’t run if she sweated, which she had no intention of doing.

Jack picked Gabi up at home and drove them 30 minutes to an old gym. This wasn’t Planet Fitness, instead, it was something from a Rocky movie. Punching bags were hung throughout the single room. In one corner there was a rack of dumbbells, stationary bikes, and other equipment. In the center was a permanent boxing ring. It was cleaned regularly but still had the stains of years of blood and sweat. The half-dozen men working out pretended not to gawk at Gabi, but she could feel their eyes on her.

She wasn’t afraid until she met her trainer.

Jen was downstairs in the women’s changing room already in her workout gear. She was a hulk of a woman, standing almost 6 foot, with an olive tan, and lean muscles. She was dressed for business, with her long blonde hair restrained into a ponytail. Gabi was an aspiring actress and used to being around attractive people, but even without make-up, Jen was the most stunning woman Gabi had ever seen.

The Amazon gave Gabi a friendly nod. “Are you here for the boxing lesson?”

“Uh… “ Gabi stammered. Boxing lesson? “Y… yeah.” What the hell had Jack talked her into?

Jen smiled broadly “Great, I’m your trainer! We’ll see you out there!” With that She-Hulk bounced cheerfully out of the changing room. Gabi finished changing and sat on the bench for a long time. Terrified. Was this woman really going to hit her? She looked around the room for another exit but there was none. She even considered locking herself in one of the larger lockers, a trick she learned in middle school, but she was a bit too big to do that now.

Eventually, Jen came back to check on her. She enthusiastically hovered around until Gabi stood and walked up the stairs alongside her. Jack was casually doing bicep curls and laughing with some of the guys. He walked over when Gabi and Jen walked up together and helped Gabi tape up her hands. By the time the girls had their gloves on and faced off in the ring all of the men in the gym had found a reason to wander to ringside.

Gabi took a deep breath and forced herself to relax. What was she so worried about? She wasn’t the gym bunny she was as a professional cheerleader but she wasn’t in bad shape. Jen was being very helpful so far and actually seemed like a cool person. Gabi decided she should just have fun and try not to sweat too much. It’s not like Jack paid Jen to beat up his date.

Jen instructed Gabi to touch gloves then moved away from her putting her guard up. Gabi tried to do the same and they ended up circling each other. Gabi was happy to hear Jack cheering for her at ringside. Jen moved like a cat, closing in on Gabi, tapping her gloves with her own, and dancing away. She did this several times until Gabi realized she was trying to get her to do it too.

Gabi felt silly walking across the ring. Jen moved with practiced grace, while Gabi’s feet were glued to the floor by comparison. She began to reach out to touch Jen’s gloves but the woman flashed out a left jab and tapped the girl gently on the forehead. Gabi stopped short, confused. She raised her hands to her face not realizing she was leaving herself open…

… for the Amazon to step into Gabi’s personal space and punch the girl in the stomach with the longitudinal force of the Shanghai Maglev. The punch was impossibly fast and professional. A loud “slap” sound reverberated through the gym as leather hit the firm skin of her abs. 

“Oof!” Gabi’s blue eyes went wide and she broke out in tears as her guts were violated. Her curvy body lifted with the blow picking her up off the canvas so that her chin rested on the taller woman’s shoulder. Gabi flailed her arms and legs, only standing because Jen held her up, unaware that all the air was exploding out of her. She made no sound because she had no breath. 

A little history lesson. Boxing gloves were originally intended to protect the hands of the wearers. Before gloves, you were more likely to break your own hand than knock the other guy out. The bouts lasted dozens of rounds because the fighters wouldn’t hit each other full force. Now in modern times, with the gloves, Gabi wasn’t going to have that problem.

The few seconds that ticked by felt like hours to Gabi. Jen released her to stumble around holding her burning stomach. She flopped onto the floor desperately curling her knees beneath her and touching her head to the canvas. The smoldering pain in her stomach was her whole world now. She had no idea how long she laid there, tears fogging her vision, ears ringing, fighting to breathe. She finally caught a deep breath, and moaned “Ooooooh!”

“She’s cute!” Jen said with a wink. She let Gabi take her time sorting things out on the floor of the ring. She leaned on the rope to chat with Jack. “Do you think she’s into girls?”

Jack laughed, “That would be hot, but I don’t think so. You know she’s an actress?”

“Yeah?” Jen raised an eyebrow, “has she been in anything good?”

“No. Mostly that CW crap if you’re into it, but she’s done some nude scenes.”

Jen went to check on Gabi who was still kowtowed and moaning softly. Jen offered her glove to help Gabi get to her feet. “Yeah, alright. I’ll definitely check that out.” 

The girl accepted gratefully, but instead of helping her to her feet, Jen thudded a cruel uppercut into Gabi’s soft belly. “Wump!” 

The blonde whimpered softly, biting her lower lip, eyebrows pushing together in a look of confusion. She stood on her toes, arms at her sides doing nothing to protect her wimpy core muscles. Jen hooked her glove behind Gabi’s neck making soothing noises, “It’s okay honey, we’ll get through this.”

While still controlling Gabi by the head, Jen fired another savage punch into Gabi’s abs. “Wump!” The girl grunted “Unh!” but her wide-eyed expression of shock didn’t change. Jen had gone hard on the heavy bag before Jack came in with his latest girl. Gabi’s abs were something between that and a firm pillow. 

Because no one would stop her. “Wump!” Jen smashed the third fist into Gabi’s guts. “Unh!”

Then, much to Gabi’s astonishment, Jen aimed a little lower and plowed her fist into the little gap between her thighs. Fire erupted through her body and Gabi screamed hoarsely. She was nearly passed out, but somehow was still feeling everything. She looked at Jen as though she betrayed their whole gender mouthing a silent “Why?”

The small blonde girl crumpled to the ground barely knowing where she was anymore. The agony in her crotch was all-consuming, overpowering even her instinct to try to escape. She heard mumbled voices as the conversation continued. 

“I was going to take her to Stephano’s, but we’ll see if she’s up to eating after this.”

Jen laughed, “Anything to get out of paying for dinner eh? Fucking cheapskate.”

Jake held his hands up in a submissive gesture “I plead the 5th!”

Slowly her senses started coming back and she could really feel the tight pain in her tummy. Gabi never knew this kind of agony existed or what she had done to deserve it. She was embarrassed that she had been destroyed so easily, she was nothing more than a ragdoll at Jen’s mercy. She had been in fights before and never faired well, but Jen was a whole other opponent. She really knew how to hit hard.

Gabi was vaguely aware that she was on her feet again. Jen picked her up and tossed her into the corner of the ring. She hooked the wimpy girl’s arms over the top rope then stood back for a moment to admire her work.

She hadn’t touched the face, she wouldn’t do that to a pretty girl like Gabi. The blonde’s tan skin was shiny with perspiration, Jen appreciated the hours of cardio and sunbathing Gabi must have spent to maintain a body like hers. At some point, her hair had come loose and it stuck to her face and neck. Jen planted her feet and leathered the girl’s belly with a dozen rapid-fire jabs that bounced Gabi off the mat.

“Oof! Oof! Oof! Oof! Oof! Oof! Oof! Oof! Oof! Oof! Oof! Oof!”

The flaxen-haired eyes fluttered shut and her mouth dropped open she absorbed Jen’s rights and lefts. She did nothing to stop the barrage of fists. Suddenly Gabi felt the sensation of being lifted. Indeed, Jen hefted Gabi over one shoulder. 

Gabi had no idea what was about to happen, but she kicked her slender legs and begged Jen to end this. Ignoring the girl’s moans and pleas Jen dropped to her knees hard. Newton’s 1st law is that An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an object at rest. So, Gabi’s body was still in motion until Jens’ knees hit the mat. Suddenly Jen’s body was at rest and that 500 pounds of force went right into Gabi’s gut. (That’s about right I looked it up.)

“Ooooooh!” Gabi sobbed. Her eyes were closed tight, and her ruby red lips were pursed as she moaned.

“Hey!” laughed one of the guys that was not Jack. “You can’t do that Jen. That’s illegal!”

“What can I say?” Jen apologized insincerely. “The dude paid for it.”

Jen dropped Gabi and the girl rolled away holding her belly desperately. Her flight mode was finally activated, and she struggled to get up. She managed to get to her hands and knees but didn’t realize that she was again making herself a target.

Jen moved to the other side of the ring and got a running start. The tall Amazon took three steps then brought the toe of her foot hard up into Gabi’s crotch. The girl cried out “No!” and folded her legs under her.

Gabi stayed there a long time, unable to pass out and unwilling to move. She heard Jen say “Time’s up Jack!” and knew it was over. The incident actually lasted no more than 10 to 15 minutes but it seemed like hours to Gabi. Jen herself helped her out of the ring and took her back downstairs to clean up.

The same Amazon that administered the beating now showered with her, touched up her makeup and helped her get dressed. Jen made it clear it wasn’t personal.

“Jack’s into weird stuff but he’s okay.” Gabi was surprised to see the stunning woman blush. “I don’t mind that you don’t work out. I like soft girly girls like you, and to me, a date looks more like Netflix and pizza on the couch. I put my number in your purse.”

Gabi was going to be walking funny for the next week. She skipped dinner, deciding she didn’t want to puke everything she ate. One bonus to the beating she received was that once Jack took her home, he was diamond-hard the whole night and they fucked like rabbits.

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