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Camille. :

Dashing through the streets of Zaun at high speed, Zeri thinks about all of the possibilities for this wonderful night. She had a busy day fighting around these same streets, catching criminals and zapping those evil Piltovans from the top side, now, she would hang out all night, doing exciting stuffs like running around the city for sightseeing, or go to the market, or,... maybe there isn't a lot of things to do when she's too young for all of the adult activities flooding the whole town. But it is fine ! Zeri would figure out something to do, she told herself that. She would need to do it fast though, because deep inside, the girl know that she would get bored at running around very soon, like very very soon, like...right now.

She's bored. Zeri has spent about one hour running around the city for the sake of running alone, it was a very excited exercise considering how fast she can run, but it is impossible for her to see the sight of Zaun when she's going that fast. Maybe Zeri needs to slow down to appreciate the beauty of her city, as she has always been telling herself. She decides to take a slow walk to the market from where she's standing, a slow walk that would take half an hour for her to actually reach the market since she is quite close to the bridge leading to Piltover right now, and see everything the city has to offer in the mean time.

She kept on walking past the street, observing everything in sight, from the river, Piltover from far away to the sewers around her. Even Zaun's citizen could not escape her look, from the weird cyborgs, to the addicts who would often take a sniff from their masks that are connected to a Shimmer tank. It looks exciting to see them do that, thought Zeri, but judging by her age now, she wouldn't be able to try the purple substance in that tank, that was just an excuse for the real reason that she doesn't have enought money for that stuff right now. With that in mind, Zeri keeps walking with her head constantly moving to have a clear view of everything.

She walked into a devious district, where there is hardly anyone around, just a silent street and a dark sky covered by smoke. Zeri doesn't like this district at all, there is no neon light, nor people, or anything to see aside from the backsides of the bland metal buildings. She would always dash through this district in mere seconds, but today she gathers her inner courage to stick around and see it for a bit more. Quite a mistake on her part.

Voices echoes from a nearby pathway, as if there is a conversation happening, and suddenly, a loud metallic sound catches Zeri's ears. The girl stopped for a moment, then approach the pathway out of curiosity, wanting to see what was making the loud noise. As she come closer, Zeri can clearly observe the scenario: one dead woman lying on the ground with her head cut clean off, two men standing beside the corpse, and one Piltovan warden accompanying by a tall person. That mysterious person is a lady with white hair, standing taller than any of the people around her, wearing what seems to be a kind of tight grey suit with two tails behind her and a large hard piece covering both of her shoulders and neck. On her chest, a hextech crystal is shining, constantly sending its ripples through the air. Her legs are massive, long robotic limbs with blades under her knees, with their joints protected by hard metal kneecaps. She has an elegant looking to her face, but with eyes that are as cold as her metal legs. This is no ordinary Piltovan noble lady. Zeri knows that, she thinks this woman looks evil and dangerous, especially when there is a corpse near her and blood on one of her bladed legs.

The young girl can sense fear from the eyes of two Zaunite men as they look at the noble lady, she knows that they are in danger and need to be saved, but she must approach carefully and use the element of surprise to catch the grey woman of guard. So Zeri sneak behind some wooden boxes and peak her eyes out to look at the conversation, waiting for a chance to strike.

"The leader of house Ferros sends her regards." Said the grey woman with bladed legs. "Bring this corpse back and tell your boss that the Grey Lady will come for his head next time he disagree with our terms." Her half human, half robotic voice echoes through the air, sends shiver down Zeri spine when she is eavesdropping.

"We will never accept with your terms, Tyrant ! You can kill all you want, the undercity will not submit to some Piltovan nobles." One of the men talked back. "You can go to hell ! Camille Ferros !"

"Oh ! Is that so ?!" Camille Ferros, they Grey Lady said calmly. "It is a pity that you would not cooperate with us like the last boss did, I am quite unpleased that you refused our business partnership. Now both of you can die." She did a roundhouse kick, slice into the men and killed them instantly, while maintaining a cold and emotionless facade.

Zeri gasped in shock, but used her hands to cover her mouth immediately, only letting out a soft squeal sound. However, the hightened senses of Camille have already detected her. The lady turned and did a swipe kick, destroying the boxes, but Zeri quickly jumped back, dodging the blade just in time. The girl catches her breath, then looks down on her body to see if it is still in one piece. Luckily, she was fine, but her orange tank top has been sliced , cutting a part of the green lightning bolt away and leave it dangling around her waist. Zeri angrily ripped the dangling part off, while murmuring some swear words. She only has half a shirt left that covers her breasts, leaving her navel and a large part of her stomach exposed. Not only that, because Zeri tear her shirt off without caution, it also ripped off the part that was suppose to cover her lower back.

"Well well well ! What are you doing out here, naughty child ?!" Camille asked calmly. "It is not polite to eavesdrop on adults, especially if they are in a business meeting. Didn't your parents teach you that ?"

Zeri remains silent, she is in shock when the noble lady looks straight into her eyes.

"I am quite annoyed by the fact that a child has been listening to my...Private... conversation with my business partners." Said Camille

"No children here grandma! I am clearly a teenager !" Zeri talked back with an aggressive voice.

"Alright...Teenager ! Could you please tell me, very respectfully and honestly, what have you heard and seen, or how long have you been behind those boxes ?" The Grey Lady talked slowly

"Long enough... I guess, anyway, I have seen enough to know that this is no ordinary business meeting. That is why you attacked me, am I right ?" Zeri said. "You will not escape from this crime !"

"Oh ! Children these days !" Camille let out a sigh. "Now now ! No need to get violent all of a sudden, I do not slaughter children for eavesdropping, especially when there is a warden right here. If you want to live peacefully, just walk away and pretend that nothing ever happened here, I will give you a large coin purse to spend in the market three blocks from here. Keep your mouth shut, and get free money, isn't it good ?" She said calmly, while taking out a large coin purse as promised. "Your choice, dear !"

"Aight ! Rich lady has some coins ey ?" Zeri laughed. "Apologize, while I would really like to sniff some Shimmer for the first time, I wouldn't accept your bribe. Use it for a really good lawyer, or maybe just give it to that corrupted warden guy over there. I will bring you to justice."

"Well, so you do not want coins ?" Asked Camille.

"Not from your dirty businesses." Said Zeri.

"I suppose the warden doesn't want it either, nor he wants to be the witness if this crime scene at all." Said Camille, as she put the coin purse away again and did a horse kick, impaling the warden's face. "You will die now !"

Zeri stepped back and quickly pulls out her gun, firing bolts of electricity into Camille while the lady charged at her. However, they were all deflected by some kind of shield around Camille, and she continued to attack Zeri. The Grey Lady kicked at the gun, slicing it in half, wounding Zeri's right hand in the process, and did another swipe. The girl ducked and use her left index finger to shoot out a lightning zap into Camille's face, blinding her and forcing her to fall back.

"Ha ! In your face, Grandma !" Zeri shouted excitingly.

Camille is very angry, she sliced the girl's gun, yet still got shot, it must be some trick that the brat pulled on her or some kind of device. As she looks at Zeri and sees the huge jacket with mechanical parts she's wearing, Camille immediately thought it would be the jacket that gave her the zap. She decided to destroy the jacket first.

Shooting her grappling hooks and dashes toward Zeri, Camille catches the girl's jacket, pulling it away and throwing her into the wall. Zeri stood up from the impact, realizing the lady already had her jacket, she screamed desperately:

"No ! Not my jacket !"

But it was too late, the Grey Lady already threw Zeri's jacket onto the ground and sliced it up with her bladed legs. However, there was still electricity in it since the jacket was designed to dampen and store the energy from Zeri, so it blew up right after Camille damaged it, blasting both her and the young girl with an EMP. Zeri was fine, but Camille, having half of her body made up of machines, suffered great pain.

Zeri, now has nothing to cover her torso besides from half a tank top, is furious. The lady has already leave her half naked by destroying both the shirt and the jacket, she has to make her suffer more before bringing her to justice. The girl charged at Camille, unleash her lightning at the lady, shocking her even more.

Camille screamed in pain, trying to move away from the lightning blast but it was no use, the electricity has already made her limbs numb. However, her shield recharged just in time and blocked a lot of it, allowing her to recover.

"Well well ! Electricity from your own body ?! Aren't you an interesting kid ?!" Camille said as she stands up. "You have made me angry, girl ! But I would not kill you, I would bring you back to the Ferros house for research. However, I would beat you up violently to ensure that you will not zap anyone again."

Zeri was shocked, the lady has already recovered, she would have to dodge her next attack. But it was already too late, Camille used her grappling hooks and dashes to her at an immense speed, unleashing a devastating knee strike into Zeri's bare stomach, throwing her into the wall again. The girl gasped as the steel kneecap smashed her belly and drive the breath out of her.

The strike has damaged Zeri greatly, she tried to stand up but could feel her legs shivering beneath. She began to cough violently while also trying to **** in some air, but the pain was so great it forced her down on her knees clutching her hands to her stomach and cries.

"What the **** is this ?! Why does it hurt so bad ?!" Thought Zeri.

"Not quite talkative now, darling ? That would teach you not to mess with a lady !" Camille said. "Stand up, child. I will beat some manner into that little body of yours."

With that being said, the girl tried to stand up once more and slowly back up, while charging her electricity to prepare for another zap. However, the energy that once flows inside Zeri would not obey her command anymore, and that is when she realized the reason why: her power is tied to her emotion, and it will not work if she is too scared or confused. Desperate, Zeri throws punches trying to fend off Camille, but the weak strikes of her small fists cannot affect the deadly agent of house Ferros. Camille easily deflected the blows with one hand, while still slowly walking toward her victim, before driving her own fist into Zeri's stomach with full force, striking right in the center of it, where her navel is. The punch was so powerful that Camille can feels it sinking deep into the girl's stomach pit, almost touching her spine.

"GAAHHK !" . Zeri cried out in pain, the attack lifted her body up from the ground and left her hanging onto Camille's mechanical arm. When the Grey Lady draws her fist back, Zeri fell onto her knees, coughing blood out of her mouth and holding her stomach with both hands. The blows must have damaged her internal organs badly judging by the amount of blood drops on the street. This even worried Camille, she might have hit the child too hard, and so she must be careful not to go all out in order to keep Zeri alive for experiment. Zeri is a gunner, not a brawler like most Zaunite teenagers, so eventhough she is quite aggressive, her body is actually not that strong comparing to the others. Knowing that fact, Camille realized that she could have made a big mistake by hitting her full force at the second strike.

"Wel well ! Isn't that a good punch ? Look at how much it damaged you, dear. Now you realized that you should have taken the coin purse and leave me alone do you ?" Camille said calmly, approaching the coughing Zeri.

The young girl finished spitting out the last blood there is in her mouth, looked up at Camille with terror filling her eyes. She tried to crawl backward with one of her arms, while the other still clutched tight to her belly, and moaned softly:

"No...please don't kill me...I'm sorry... I beg you...!"

Zeri eyes were in tears as she continued to stay away from Camille. This makes the Grey Lady feels pity for the child, but she does not let that stop her from beating this annoying brat until she's unconscious. Camille stepped forward, catching Zeri by her pigtails, and forced her to straighten her body up, preparing to deliver massive blows to her exposed midsection between the low rise pants and the ripped tank top. As she pulls her closer, Camille could hear Zeri's soft grunts between her breathing, sometimes interrupted by a sudden gasp or cough that would spill blood out into her small mouth.

Camille touches Zeri's stomach with her palm, caresses it. It is really soft after two hits from her, and by now, it would offer no resistance against a direct strike, so the girl's organs will suffer full damage from Camille. The Grey Lady always love to beat up and kill those who oppose her, and would take pleasure in it by delivering the most painful strikes possible, however, she doesn't want to kill Zeri, so she must hit her with enough force to make her painful, but not enough to lead to her death. Gladly, the agent of house Ferros already had years of experience doing it, more than ten of Zeri's lifetime, and she knows how strike precisely below the limit.

Camille move her palm to Zeri's navel, then push it with a powerful force ,squeezing her organs. Zeri's eyes widen as her wounded midriff being hit for the third time, and the strike had so much power that it made her vomit all of the blood that are still inside her stomach. The lady then releases her hair, letting her collapse onto the street, holding her stomach and gasping continuously.

"Now that you are cleanse of all those liquids, how about having a chance to escape this ?" Said Camille, she then proceeds to the corpse of the warden and take the enforcer baton from him, throwing it in front of Zeri. "Considering you cannot use electricity anymore, I am now giving you this weapon to use against me. Beat me, and I'll leave you be."

Zeri immediately reaches for the baton when she finishes catching her breath, holding it in one hand and use the other hand for defense. The girl then charges at Camille in hope to land a blow onto her head. Unfortunately, her inexperience at using a melee weapon making the strike become weak, slow, and predictable, unlike Camille's.

The Grey Lady dodged the blow easily and ducked down, thrusting her hand with five fingers into Zeri's solar plexus.

"OUUUUGH !". Having the breath driving out of her, Zeri was winded, her eyes widen, her body doubled up and hanging onto Camille's arm.

"Gahhk ! I need air, I can't breath !" Thought Zeri.

When the older woman draw her arm back, the girl collapsed onto her knees, one hand holding her stomach, the other hold the baton like a clutch to keep herself from falling flat on the street. She breathes viciously, trying to draw in as much air as possible to ease the pain.

Zeri stood up once more despite the pain still remain, holding her baton at Camille in a more defensive stance. However, she doesn't know how a defensice stance can defend her, and left her torso wide open.

Camille jumped in for another time, hit a direct punch into Zeri's bare stomach so hard that she is forced to drop the baton on the street when slowly stepping back until her back meet the floor and slide down while holding her wounded belly with both hands.

The Grey Lady picked the baton up, quickly close distance and pulled a fake punch at Zeri's face. When the young girl bring her small arms up to protect her pretty face, Camille suddenly rammed the tip of the baton right into her exposed navel.

Zeri couldn't stand the pain, her eyes almost rolled into the back of her head and she was about to pass out, but another strike with the baton following the first one wakes her up. It was too painful for her to be unconcious. She quickly fall onto the street, holding her stomach tight with both hands again, trying to scream out loud while coughing uncontrollably. She then proceeds to spit out a lot of saliva still mixed with some blood in her mouth. She opens her mouth and try to talk, to beg for mercy from Camille. Sadly, no sound came out of her except for the squeals and coughes.

Camille waited for Zeri to regain her senses, then spoke: "What happened ? No more big words ? You little Zaunite rats are all pittiful."

This line triggered Zeri, causing her to go into a blinding rage. The young girl stood up, charges her power with anger and dashes to Camille to unleash a powerful attack. The Grey Lady easily dodged that predictable strike, and counter-attacked with deadly precision. She uses only two fingers on her right hand to jab into Zeri's exposed navel with a speed so immense that the girl couldn't react even with her electricity all charged up.

Zeri's eyes widen, her tongue sticks out of her mouth. She spits out a lot of blood, then her eyes rolled back into her head, and her body went limp just like being shut down. The girl doubled over and hanged onto Camille's arm, she has fallen unconscious after the strike.

"Good, I feel satisfied, it's time for you to be introduced with my niece, the lord of house Ferros." Said Camille. "I am sure that she will love your power, as well as your pretty face and soft, cute body." She then carried the unconscious Zeri over her shoulder, grappling onto the buildings to leave Zaun for Piltover.

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by CountryMouse , 2 years ago

@Epictroller2108 I'm not familiar with the characters, but this was a fun story. Is it going to continue?

by Epictroller2108 , 2 years ago

@CountryMouse I haven’t thought about it yet, but I’ll try to think of a sequel for it